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Tube strike and *that* machine

First things first - did you know the starting salary for trainee tube drivers is more than the average for physics graduates in london? Guys, YOU'RE GETTING ENOUGH MONEY NOW - NO ONE BELIEVES ALL THIS "SAFETY REASONS" BOLLOCKS. At first I was sympathetic. But a strike on new years eve? I don't think so. So my party is ruined. I hope the government do legislate against tube strikes like new york but I know they won't have the balls.

Have been bashing away at the knitting machine again following advice from the newbritknits list. And has it worked? Has it, tubedrivers. Will have one final go tomorrow and then...where's my hammer?

Have spent the day making yet more pompoms for the cat protection league and crafting more of my beady stitch markers. I'll be putting them on ebay again soon so watch this space for new of when they do up. I am pretty chuffed with the star-kittens.

And these ones with their little glass tails!

Well, solitary guest (who lives next doo…

Machine knitter in distress

I have put the three images in this post as links so you can see them a a better size - I'd have had to shrink them for blogger.

Photo 1 - Initial cause of distress is that I can't get the machine to cast on. I have tried fiddling with the various settings but it just keeps missing loops. What am I doing wrong?

Photo 2 - These are the settings on the carriage. Can't find anywhere that tells me what the letters mean on the dial top right or whether the slider on the right should be on N or H. Also not sure whether the wheels at the bottom of the carriage should be engaged or not. Don't worry about the wool position - I was just moving it out the way to take the pic.

Photo 3 - I don't know what these two sliders are for either.

As you may have gathered I got the machine second hand and without a manual. I have downloaded the free brother 851 manual from online but despite reading and re-reading can't see where I'm going wrong. It is the casting on (or lack of) th…

At last - I'm knitting for cats!

Actually I'm not sure about this claim - does making pom poms count as knitting? I used my pom pom maker that blueadt bought me and that was an SP gift. It all started when I was feeling knitting withdrawal and so bought Jan's Knitting magazine. I don't know why - it's still rubish. There is a pair of shoes that are beyond belief. Anyway, there was an ad in there saying the year of the volunteer had made this month animal month and you could knit cat toys. Off I went to their website. And here is the result:

I'm using up some leftovers and some dye experiments that frankly went soooooo wrong as I'm guessing the cats won't mind that much.

Yesterday was something of a monumental day for me as I ate only fresh fruit and vegetables ALL day. For example - four clementines for breakfast with almonds and raisons as a snack. Lunch was as pictured:

Plus a banana and 2 clementines for pudding. OK there's some dip there but I can't eat celery without some form of…

Babies and bad knitting

It's been a while but the blogger is back and so here we go. Last Thurs (22nd) was a whopper of a day. Take a look at the cutest baby ever...

Yes, that is me holding her and what I want to know is, if Charlie gave birth two weeks earlier how come her figure is so much better than mine? I'm sure it can have nothing to do with all the choc I've been scoffing. I held little Yoshimi for about 90 mins and she was amazingly good. And now I am seriously clucky. They loved the little baby clothes I made (fortunately they all fitted) although the hat was a bit big and kept falling off.

Vitas insisted she war it admiral style! I was absolutely consumed by happiness for the rest of the day and had it stopped there that would have been enough to keep me beaming. BUT. It did not end there.

I handed Louise her curly whirly in cherry tree hill peacock and she loved it - she thought she'd set me an impossible task when she laughingly asked for one in all those colours and by coincidence …

I appear to have changed time zone

Slightly disturbing - am gooing through a phase of early waking just as I get to the one point in the year when this is not convinient. I guess that's probab;y why it is though. 5.30 today which is the earlist so far. Means I am knackered by 9.30 so while my mornings are elongated it's put a crimp in my xmas socilialising. Not that I'm doing much of fricking that. Bloody thing. I refer of course to the final xmas knitted xmas present - now on a very sort deadline. In fact should stop blogging and get to it.

Not sure if I'll be able to blog again before I disappear ooop north for xmas so just in case happy christmas everyone xxx I'll be back on the 27th.



The intrepid gang more or less fill the handweavers studio - Nancy understandably got flustered at having so many customers at once.

Knitting pub-style

Reaping the rewards of Kerrie's clear out - yes that is a full hank of giotto on the left.

The Giotto decidedly didn't want to be a pair of gauntlets - possibly because instead of 8mm needles I was using 4.5...

Roving, roving, everywhere...

Copper bag handles ahoy

Knitting now in the Sunday Times Magazine as well as the National Geographic.

Read for yourself

Pooch at work

Pooch about 5 hours later - note change of position - no carpel tunnel or repetitive strain for that boy.

Actually Pooch was very lovely to me all weekend. The only other news is that I have rushed out and bought a "hot to...Punch and Judy" book from Abe Books. I can recommend Abe to anyone looking for soemthing a bit off beat and second hand. They do cross list on amazon quite a lot but they're still worth a look. I got my copy £5 cheaper than the cur…

Dreams, punch and judy, handweavers...just so much!

I think I need to do this starting from now and going backwards. I seem to have woken up ridiculously early at 6am but don't mind as I woke up at the end of a great dream. HHH and I were both extras in Emmerdale and to cut a long story short he gave me a hug when I told him I thought he was great! Woke up all smiley. NO THIS IS NOT REALLY SAD.

Was in canary Wharf doing some last minute shopping yesterday on the way back from the item I will get to in a minute. Was all ready to go home when I heard a Punch and Judy show round the corner. DUDE! I love Punch and Judy. And from all the adults sitting around it looks like it really does hotwire straight to your childhood. I was laughing so much. The crocodile was there stealing the sausages and the policeman was trying to catch Mr Punch. Mr Punch was telling the children (and me) that the crocodile was as gentale as a pussy cat and would thenstroke the crocodile which would purr and meow. Then everytime Mr Punch looked away the crocodil…

Hair, sock, mental birds and more

Well where to start? I guess with the hair - yes that's right, it's that time of year when Byrne gets a haircut. The lucky salon this time was J-hair with the frankly very easy on the eye KD at the wheel. It is, as some of you may have guessed, a japanese salon and is all funky but let's cut to the good bit - excellent haircut, wonderful wash, condition, head massage and highest level style and finish for....wait for it....£25. And they give you a card so if you get 10 haircuts you get the next one free. I highly recommend the place - and if you admire the snake-hipped-cutely-smiling-male ask for KD.

But enough of these fripperies, let's talk socks. I was sorely tempted by some shiny sock yarn about 2 weeks ago and it has arrived and, frankly, I'm rather disappointed.

It's sock yarn, it's got some lurex in it....

...but the colours are very flat and the texture isn't that nice. Slap wrist for impulse buying.

And talk about impulse buying. Let us consider wh…

New eyebrows

Never mind all this face transplant stuff - I've got new eyebrows. Apparently they were there in the undergrowth all this time but today they were revealed, pink and naked, to the world. But first, brace yourselves. How many fricking freckles?

Where did they all come from? I was always under the impression there was just a smattering of main ones, not all these littl'uns. I look like a moon.

So back to some knitting stuff. Today I have finished the most amazing hot water bottle for Mr Joe Milner-Moore and Miss Elinore Lyons. Joe said "This is the best furry hot water bottle I've ever had" (he said that just now - I just gave it to him about 30 seconds ago.) It is knit out of one strand of stylecraft gypsy (Soooooo soft) and one of some machine wash wool that I hand dyed with the old kool aid.

Have also been putting some more work in on the ladybird socks. Plus the never ending shawl. Oh, for post xmas wonderfulness. I need to start compiling a list of future project…

More yodelling, this time in somerset

Yes, peeps, this weekend I was visiting the mother in deepest exmoor. Took the presents down and generally said hello as I'll be xmassing at Pooch's Mum's again this year. I have promised her a website (can you believe neither she nor my step-dad Rob have ever seen "the internet"?) so was taking lots of pics of the shop. Here is one...

That is Pooch stage left, and mumsy in the middle with Rob doing a good impression of a customer. The shop is called "Shakespeare and Hall" and is in Dunster in Exmoor National Park.

Managed an escapade to Dulverton on saturday and combining my button haul from stratford with my one from there we get...

I just love buttons. And you know I came across pencil rolls in the cheap art shop I found on charing-cross road. And you can hear it too right? "Circular needle holders" they scream at me.

That's one rolled up and in it's wrapper on the left and unrolled and laid out on the right. I am thinking my golders gr…

Yippee yippee

Yo yodelers, let's yodel together in a fit of yodelosity. Yodeleh ee-hooo. Just felt I had to get that out there because I have had a really lovely weekend. Let's run it down in order...
Little sister came to stay with her girlfriend. Pooch got horrendously drunk and amused them with his nerdy ramblings - they'd never seen anything like it.
(She is the one in green - this is the only photo I have of her from about the last 10 years as she Does Not Do Photos.

(Byrne looks on, worrying about what nonsense will come out of Pooch's mouth next....)
Pooch was sick on saturday morning which meant he was then in a really humble mood all the rest of the weekend.Got 20% off xmas shopping at bhs and saw some really lovely towels with ducks on I want to go back and get in the sales. Joe's birthday dinner was very nice and we got a black cab home because Pooch was still feeling poorly.Slept like a fricking log and woke up feeling wonderful. Had a lovely natter natter down with Nic…


Let’s just stick to facts…Pooch has got some sort of slow heart rate thing which the ECG identified. The blood tests all came back normal. The doctor says he needs a 24-hour ECG to see whether the heart thing is something to worry about and is actually causing his head issues. So he may not actually drop dead but we won’t know that for sure for a while. This has led to the two of us falling out because I’m getting all het up about founding out NOW and using his health insurance to shoulder through all the admin and he is annoying because I’m moaning at him to do more and do it now and get it sorted when he already is doing it, just a bit slower than I’d like. I know I’m being a bit of a bitch but I’m freaking worried about the stupid idiot.

So to move on….new job is still going well – just got my objectives for next year which are wide and politically intriguing as there is a load of change management stuff plus a load more I won’t be able to admit to working on. Quite exciting really …

National Geographic

Oh I'm so excited (and so sad) I just got actually out of my lovely deep hot bath just to blog and am now too excited to use commas and everything.

National Geographic UK edition, about a third of the way in, Dec 2005 edition...

And in that basket?

And surely they must be talking about Colinette here?

And the flshed out name is "Peru".

And I'm pretty sure there is some regia ringels in there only the german arrow is pointing to some weird other stuff.

I know I really shouldn't be so excited about this but....It's NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. This magazine rules the journalistic world. I am an avid fan and read *every* edition cover to cover even when the topic doesn't interest me. Wow, dude wowowowowowowowowow. Ahem. WOW.