Thursday, 26 May 2005

Hum, what to knit next?

The red cable top, which I realise I have never posted a picture of, is almost done. I'll just have to post it in all its glory when it if blocked and sewn up.

I've got lots opf yarn and wool. I've got loads of patterns and ideas. So why is choosing a next project so hard????

Options are: Sari silk cardi, fancy yarn pink/gold/silver batwing beach top, basketweave tunic from vogue, kaffe fasset top (but I still don't think I can look at that yet after past disappointments), underwear set from knitty, skinny red clapotis, something chunky using all that maya and umpteen others. But let's stick at these for now. Skinny clapotis is tempting as I really enjoyed knitting the last one, but then I've got yarn on order to do one for Mum for Christmas. But then it's May so no rush.

AAAAARRRGGHHHH. Is Dad's birthday in a week. Damn, always forget. NO real time to knit anything for a man after he turned his nose up at the idea of knitted golf club covers.

Back to previous thinking - clapotis is an option then. They are all options though! Pants. Any suggestions anyone?

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Becky said...

I love the sound of the Silk Sari Cardi - do you have a pattern for it - that is definately what I would do - how lovely for late summer - sounds really luxurious. Although I'm quite fancying doing a clapotis as well - I've not done one yet ! I think the knitting of a clapotis is complusory if you want to be a serious blogger !

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