Friday, 20 May 2005

Off to blackpool

Just seen Kate's blog with the heirloom shawl on it. Wow. Was just hesitating about a kid silk haze scarf in a magazine called 'Knitters' or something like that. Really think it is time to go for something lacy and insubstantial. Will make sure I pack the ball Pooch gave me along with the pattern.

Mum has sent me the vogue baby blankets 2 book as it was damaged when it arrived at her book shop so she got it for free. Or that's what she says. I've been thinking about knitting a blanket for ages and they do have some really nice ones. Was thinking about a kind of afghan done a square at a time and then just randomly stitched together. Guess it would be a way to use all those odd balls of wool I always end up buying 'just to try'.

Spoke to Dr P about the adverse reaction to reducing anti-d's. He said it was 'just' a sign my brain wasn't ready yet. But then had therapy with Louise and she confirmed that it's pretty unusual to have such a strong reaction aftr just cutting a seventh. I mentioned the 's' word and she immediately insisted on seeing more often. All very well but now that medisure have dumped me I have to pay which means less money for wool! Speaking of which I'm totally cleaned out this month. Was that order to Must call a halt next month...

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