Sunday, 19 June 2005

a bad connection means a bad post

I spent ages writing one on friday night and then had the same experience as andrea - lost it all. So here it is in summary:

The parcel waiting for me was from 'Get Knitted' and was wickedy wa.
Image hosted by
On the left is the debbie bliss soho that I hadn't seen before and think I will make into anothere felted bag. Just not sure because do I really want a felted wool bag in this weather? But then it will never last so yes, I guess I do. In the middle is the brown noro for me muvver's clapotis for xmas. Am starting early. Have actually got quite far with that but can't find camera to take a pic so will leave that for now. Then on the right is red noro which is for me. A little cardigan I think.

It is so fricking hot. About 32 degrees I understand. I am staying well away from the sun as I will sizzle even with all the sunblock in the world on me. Have been working on clapotis and the kaffe fasset but is hot and sticky so not that good for wool. Was going to have another go with the knitting machine but just can't be bothered.

Pooch and I have decidedto definitely move when the 6 months is up here. Will be extra expense as I'm still recovering from the cost of the last one but this place is like an international student hostel and we want somewhere a bit more grown up plus Pooch doesn't like the area. Speaking of Pooch here is his latest portrait. He spent most of last weekend rebuilding his computer and here can be seen doing some of the final finishing! Image hosted by
A lovely bum x

Just saw the comments on my last post - the web address is but they don't have any yarn on their website nor does the stuff they have correspond to debbie bliss colour codes as it is all discontinued or slightly off shade. It's all perfect though and all the stuff on cones in 1p a gram so I figure it's worthy the risk. A lovely woman called sheila is there mon-fri and she describes the colours really well.


scarletprincess said...

Hey that yarn looks delish! How did you get a hold of the Debbie Bliss stuff.. never seen in on the net before.

keep up the good work
Fi x

Karen said...

Pooch has a cute bum - lucky I'm in Oz, and not 25 years younger!!

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