Wednesday, 15 June 2005

Don't mention the ....

yarn. It was Coldspring. They did it. I'd emailed them before I made the promise and then they emailed back yesterday and I was weak. WEAK!!!! OK!!!! Just when I'd gushed on UKHK about how I'd be a better person for not breaking it. Godamnit.

So now we're not going to mention the yarn, OK?

Anyway, not mentioning the yarn in any way, my secret pal got her first gift in the post yesterday - was some stuff we aren't mentioning from hipknits and some of my stitchmarkers I'd made from butterfly buttons and silver wire. People have left really nice comments about them too which is nice.

Am all irritated at work at the mo. Meant I was all depressed when left yesterday so didn't go to tai chi. 40mg fluoxetine a day and I still feel like I'm swimming against the current the whole time. Am going through a faze of just wanting to sink down into it and relax into the darkness but I doubt I'll be able to dig out again. There's only so many times you bother fixing something broken before you face up to facts and throw it away. Following this logic though it just means life = toaster which doesn't sound right.


Andrea said...

Come on - we want to know what you've ordered from Coldspring. I'm going to update my blog later with piccies of my Coldspring purchases!

Becky said...

There seems to be a rash of Coldspring purchases just recently - I too have been bitten by the bug and I can't believe my luck - my stash is pitiful right now - although my darlink hubsand may not agree - come on fess up - show us your purchases !

Daisy said...

Have been so tempted by Coldspring myself so please show us what you bought!


How long you been on the Flurox for? (if you don't mind me asking)

I'd love to see what you bought too! I am so broke at the mo and trying to save money for some purchases at Woolfest next week. I am in need of the voyeur's fix of gazing at other people's stash enhancement!

My meds are starting to bed in a bit now but I am still unbelievably dopey. Apparently they lower blood sugar hence the choco cravings (that's my story and I am sticking to it!)

Maybe you need a duvet and yarn day over the weekend? Although it is supposed to be beautiful weather so that might help make you feel better too. I feel much better when the sun's out.

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