Sunday, 3 July 2005

Felt beads

  • So I am rather pleased with myself for just managing to edit html to make the above into a proper link and everything. I have some roving left from when I went on that spinning day so now relly want to spend the day making them's party day! Will just leave that link there for later consumption.


    littlelixie said...

    Ha! The link hasn't worked. One should obviously leave this stuff to the professionals!

    scarletprincess said...

    wow u you were up early for a sunday- I thought 8am was early!

    Kate said...

    Have a great party. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. You think 27 is old??


    Daisy said...

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

    PS just been for a walk in local park. They were advertising a "poochwashing" afternoon!

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