Wednesday, 13 July 2005

I love it, but what is it?

This is a now common reaction to my little ball of fluff (no, not Pooch) since it was created yesterday. I speak, of course, of 'the ball' as it is known. Anna - you are right, it is just a big ball of fluff, not a ball of yarn I am going to use to knit with. It is done by needle felting, which is when you repeatedly stab a ball or lump of unspun wool with a small barbed harpoon type needle. It messes all the fibres (there's that word again) up and makes it stick together. It is basically felting but without soap and water and with a harpoon. I made the basic ball first with some boring stuff then harpooned the colourful curly bits on afterwards. There is a link to a Yahoo needle felting group in the left column somewhere so click on that to see a cute bear that someone has made. You have to join the group to see the other pics but some of them are awesome. I can't remember now how this fascination started but I am well into it after just one attempt and have only sustained two superficial wounds! (Needles VERY sharp - fingers very unfeltable.)

What is your business?

Not a philosophical question but a true to life one asked often, even by people I have already told. It is, in essence, providing unnecessary things to crafty people to allow them to emblazen themselves with the language and imagery of their chosen craft. So, for example, I might wear a t-shirt that says 'BORN TO KNIT' on it. My favourite is 'Man enough to knit, strong enough to purl' except of course I am of the female persuasion plus someone in america is already using that one. There will also be mugs, notelets, baby-things, wrapping paper and whatever else springs to mind. Tea towels maybe. I have grand plans but no cash! Incidentally, anyone interested in putting a couple of grand into a depressed woman's crazy business do get in touch.

How could I forget?!

Finished the damn OST project and took it round to the dti personally. The dude there told me it was just in time to go out to all the heads of the research councils to be best practice and to lead the way in what they should provide to the OST. Aha, chuffed. Have told the director who was 'overseeing' it at work and he got v excited. I'm telling you, if I don't see some sort of bonus as a result of this (going into work during my holiday! I work for a charity for physicists for goodness sake - nothing should be that important) I'm going to be rather miffed.


scarletprincess said...

Apologies for a belated response, but I think you pink scarf is yummy... I had to think about it but I've decided. All girlie and fluffy... it must be the unusually girlie pink mood I'm in atm.
I like the ball of fluff... what do you plan to do with it? You could always make them as pompoms for hats/scarves... or even as buttons... or cat playthings (though that just tempts them to attack knitting, bad choice!)

Anna Sorrentino said...

Alex, have you thought of speaking with somebody from the Princes Trust? You have to be a young person, I think up to 30 (but don't quote me there) and you have to present your case and my get a grant for your new business.

Not quite sure of all the ins and outs, but if the banks are being stroppy, it's worth a try. Plus you get a lot of support when starting your business, as well as a mentor to guide you, which I think it's great.

Also, have a look at Business Link (, I'm sure you'll find something helpful.

Have a nice day,

Anna xx

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