Tuesday, 5 July 2005

Yukity yukity yuk

A second (unplanned) day at home today. Got as far as about 50 steps from work when decided that there was no point going in if I was already rehearsing how to cancel the next few day's meetings without crying at anyone. Depression swooped in with a "boo" last night just before I went to bed. Lo and behold if about half an hour later I hadn't got the whole 's' scenario planned out complete with note contents and how to locate implement. Just as well I've got Dr P on Thursday.

Woah there, just got distracted by a path I could not replicate to looking at knitting books on amazon. Weird. Worse places to end up though I guess. Have become fascinated by needle felting. I have even joined another yahoo group about it.

I have put my day indoors to good use and have finished my secret pal's next present. Won't post a pic of it here until she's received it and not sure when that will be as was going to space them out a bit.

So randomly moving on to a different thought, how about embellishing your own knitting needles? Are the steel ones coated with something that would mean they'd go weird if I put them in the oven with some fimo on the end?

OK, obviously too easily distracted to blog anything coherent. Blehhhhhh.



As far as I know you can put metal knitting needles in the oven with fymo on them, but what I thought might work better is to make the fymo balls, use the knitting needle end to place the indentation in them, bake the fymo without the needles in and then use superglue to put the ends on securely. I haven't tried this though.

The making of felt balls at Woolfest was harder than it looked but definitely the kind of thing you get better at with practice. Having said that though my ten year old playmate was much better at it than me straight away!

The needle felting looks great doesn't it? Have you looked in the Beverly Galeskas book 'Felted Knits'? There's some simple instructions on needle felting as an embellishment of felted knits towards the back of the book as I recall.

Big sympathy with you on the Black Dog front. I am hiding under a duvet for a large part of the day at the moment and totally wiped out by the increased dose of Amitryp.... when will these damn pills just work so we can get on with our lives huh?

troodle said...

Yes I agree, bake the Fimo separately then stick it on. If not on metal needles, then on wood or bamboo. I have a big bag full of packets of Fimo you can have if you want - every colour under the sun, bought specifically for this purpose!!

Becky said...

Hi there Lixie - I'm sorry to hear you are having a bit of a black time right now - I can't pretend I know what it feels like, but if you need a shoulder, or somewhere to vent, just e:mail me - I'm here if I can help in any way.

I like your idea of personalising your knitting needles - I wish I was more creative at that sort of thing - sadly I'm no ideas woman, so I'll just buy some of yours when you're selling them internationally and making a fortune !

Nickerjac said...

Don't forget that Fimo shrinks slightly as it is fired so yo would have to make the hole a little larger and why not attach dowel with sharpened points and we ahve wooden needles just a thought. Done a little needle felting as embelishment I'm a bit to accident prone and kept stabbing my finger :)

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