Tuesday, 23 August 2005


I went and bobbed about in a flotation tank last night in London Bridge called Floatworks. I've never done that before and the experience was very worthwhile although I didn't manage to switch off that much. I do feel much more relaxed generally though today so I'll see whether that lasts.

In other news Pooch has taken to wearing his red hat...and nothing else....around the house. I thought about posting a picture and then thought how many of you it would upset and decided against.

Told my boss yesterday that I was going to do this other job and he was rather annoyed. He kept saying he wasn't annoyed with me and it was a great opportunity for me but..... He ended by advising me not to let Sean get away with it cheaply and to insist the MBA was from Cranfield or London Business School and on a massive payrise.

I've done a two needle sock in the variegated brown mercerised cotton I bought at the weekend. A lot of people think it's too rough for socks but I'm ok with it. I'm trying it out too as I quite fancy it for a jumper and this is a good way of swatching on a large scale and really trying it out. I feel I might be entering another sock knitting phase (on 2 needles of course) so it's a good time to start bashing out the xmas presents. When I was with Lucy and Lou they both complained I had never knitted them anything and Freddie started in too. Freddie has now been going out with Becky for 8 months so I think she might be a fixture for some time to come - better find out how big her feet are too.

So sorry no pictures this time....the SkipNorth website is almost ready though so if you want to be told when it goes live email me at skipnorth@hotmail.co.uk It's going to be a wicked holiday!


Amelia said...

The floating sounds lovely - I always wonder what it's like. I hope you start feeling an awful lot better soon.

RoxyKnits said...

You could always just take a topless photo of Pooch with said lovely hat! Don't think you'd get in trouble for that. Maybe with Pooch though.....


sock knitting on two needles? is that the same as magic loop?

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