Saturday, 17 September 2005

Lessons in life

1. Do not go and see 'On the Ceiling'. Excuse me but didn't someone use the word 'comedy' to describe it? Have laughed more at funerals.
2. Do not go out with a Pooch.
3. If going out with a Pooch leave spare bedding outside bedroom door and baracade previously mentioned door when he goes out on the lash.
4. Make it understood that the maximum amount of drivel tolerated on returning in the small hours is 2 minutes.
5. Be polite yet firm on the subject of being-sympathetic-when-Pooch-wakes-up-still drunk-yet-already-hungover.

So apart from all that I have apparently got the job. Vishanti against my direct wishes badgered sean about it on the way home and rang me as soon as he admitted it would be me. You see there was a leaving do and they had both sunk a couple of glasses of vino. So shouldn't I be jumping about and dancing from the rooftops? all seems a bit anticlimactic really. I guess the easy bit is now over - the harder bit will be a salary negotation, telling everyone, ignoring the whispers provoked by a second internal promotion in 3 years, and getting John to agree a finishing date for me to get shot of my current workload. Ho hum.

Have now done the s, i, a, n and almost finished the y for my sister's shawl. Just the b and o to go...and then all the other squares.

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