Monday, 21 November 2005

Keep your friends close...

Yes people - I have finally "arrived"!!! I have, wait for it, an official enemy. I hear all the best people have one and mine is called CD (full name witheld because she'll come to her senses soon and feel all silly). Below is her most recent email...

You were not 'flamed ' by somone you were told by me
remember the name i will remember yours.
you are most aggresive
I blame it on all the wrestling I watch. All because I complained about my pal on the UKHK list and she felt it was an inappropriate forum. She's been flaming Fred and Colin too. Poor thing. I kind of feel sorry for her as she might actually have a problem or something. Today is a two-pill day for me (the cutdown continues) and I know I feel stroppier on the two-pill days. Pooch has them marked on his phone's calender! I think of the moods more like sport now - makes it more entertaining for me to allocate points when I'm in a real stinker.
Pooch's hospital tests are on Thursday....thanks to those who have contacted me with good wishes.
Am just off to lobby this lot for a doll pattern.


Daisy said...

I can't believe the emails she'd posted on UKHK! I did wonder whether she had problems of some sort, or just didn't realise that an online community is like a "real-life" one - ie you don't barge into the middle of it and start slagging everyone else off! I don't think she's even introduced herself, yet she started criticising people in a very unpleasant way! I'm sorry she's been sending you emails like that. Have you let Steph now so perhaps she could be suspended from UKHK?

Jennifer said...

Wow... She sounds unpleasant.

I didn't know Pooch has to have some tests done. I hope everything is ok.

ambermoggie said...

looks like she just likes slagging us all off:( Good luck for Pooch and his tests. What kind of doll pattern are you looking for? Not knitted but have a look at my picturetrail (ambermoggie) for my elemental artlings:)

C x said...

Can I be in your club? CD sent me a flamer as well written all in captial letters. Odd lady.

C x

Lauri B said...

Alex, I've gotten three from her between yesterday and today . All are devoid of proper spelling and punctuation and the latest one was in all caps. I've forwarded them all to Steph and refrained from replying to her as I think it'll only get worse. Someone else from the list emailed me because CD's applied to her group and she's nervous about approving her.
Lauri B.

Woolly Wormhead said...

It seems I lost the plot slightly... and thought your secret pal was the flammer! Now though, I've woken up from the flu and get it.. She's not flammed me but get the jist... mightily unpleasant!

Good luck to Pooch too - tests are unpleasant. Hope the results are positive.

R xx

KnitYoga said...

Hi Lixie,
Hope Pooch's tests go well and everything is fine. Don't take this flamer's remarks personally. She obviously has problems.

Jess said...

ignore that flamer... not worth getting involved.

Hey, my best wishes to Pooch! Hope tests aren't a beast.

Love all your yarn haul.

Beverley said...

Hi I hope the flaming has stopped now. Good luck to Pooch for his tests, hope all is okay. Is this the type of doll you are looking for? I think they are great, bit scary maybe?

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