Sunday, 18 December 2005

Dreams, punch and judy, handweavers...just so much!

I think I need to do this starting from now and going backwards. I seem to have woken up ridiculously early at 6am but don't mind as I woke up at the end of a great dream. HHH and I were both extras in Emmerdale and to cut a long story short he gave me a hug when I told him I thought he was great! Woke up all smiley. NO THIS IS NOT REALLY SAD.

Was in canary Wharf doing some last minute shopping yesterday on the way back from the item I will get to in a minute. Was all ready to go home when I heard a Punch and Judy show round the corner. DUDE! I love Punch and Judy. And from all the adults sitting around it looks like it really does hotwire straight to your childhood. I was laughing so much. The crocodile was there stealing the sausages and the policeman was trying to catch Mr Punch. Mr Punch was telling the children (and me) that the crocodile was as gentale as a pussy cat and would thenstroke the crocodile which would purr and meow. Then everytime Mr Punch looked away the crocodile would open his mouth almost 180 degrees and be about to eat Mr Punch when all the children (and me) would shout "He's behind you" and then when Mr Punch turned round the crocodile would be acting all cutesy again. Then, in a stunning plot twist, the crocodile did bite Mr Punch but he just got him by the nose - that was a stroke of genius frankly. I heard the words "Oh no he wouldn't" and I drew a really deep breath to shout back "Oh yes he would" when I realised I am 27 and really shouldn't do that anymore. I wonder whether you can train as a punch and judy artiste?

So getting to the main bit I just have a small confession to make - have left my camera cable at work so there are no pics - sorry. We had a wicked UKHK trip to the Handweavers studio in Blackhorse Road. It was me, Ruth, Nikki, Ann, Sue and Gill and we had a ball. We definitely managed to boost Nancy's usual Saturday takings. I will post photos on Monday but for now you'll have to make use of your own imaginations! Lots of stuff to dye and lots of copper bag handles - circles and squares - as I want one of those bracelet handbags and now have enough bracelets for about 8! But will be covering them in fabric and wool and yummy stuff. We had a lovely pub lunch afterwards and Ruth was kind enough to share a stash clearout Kerrie from hipknits had given her. I have a whole skein of giotto in red plus a cone of machine knitting yarn to learn with after xmas. Hoorah hoorah.


Knitsmith said...

Your trip to Handweavers sounds wonderful, I'm envious, I have bought from them by mail order but not yet managed to get there, can't wait to see the copper bag handles!


Jennifer said...

You absolutely can still participate in a Punch and Judy show at your age, and even older! Hold on to youth and youthful thoughts!

Woolly Wormhead said...

You're more than welcome to the goodies from Kerrie's stash clearout - my stash has grown considerably now!

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