Friday, 1 April 2005

Dude, problem

Ok, look at this. I have been knitting this top in recycled sari silk and it is WAY too big. Too wide I mean. Now I should rip it and start again....but....ok, I know I have to rip it, I just have to be brave.

The other problem I have is that I've lost my 2 needle sock pattern in the move, and I just got my regia yarn in the post yesterday.

On the plus side this has forced me to finish the shrug thing, or start to finish it. Had to rip the top of the second sleeve as I had declined too fast. After this just need to sew it in and thank cadburys it will be finished. Can finally wear it!

Thursday, 31 March 2005

Business, pills and polls

This is it, I am actually going to properly start up my own business. Trudie from HipKnits has been really helpful with advice and I have scoured barclays and the prince's trust for guidance. Seems because I am under 30 I might be able to get some money from them to help start up. The figure I have in my head to start with is £1000 but I need to do the business plan properly to get this really sorted.

Saw Dr P this morning and he wants me to stay on the anti-d's for another year...rather longer than I was hoping. I just keep forgetting how ill I was I guess. I don't have to stay on the high dose though - I can half it by cutting one pill a week for 7 weeks. Just as well my diary is now in this ipaq as otherwise I would confuse myself about how many to take when.

I did a poll on UKHandKnitters to see what dress size people were and have found about 40% are between 14-22. Now that is useful information to have, especially with the business plan coming together. There was another poll asking how much time you spend knitting a day and I'm definitely in a minority with about one measley hour a day! Guess that explains why I don't have a picture to post today.

Started reading this amazing blog last night called That woman is cool, and the bag is amazing. I want to make a mitred bag now.

Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Moved, thank god

As ever, moving was a hassle although it went very well all things considetred. Pooch kicked up big time over the amount of stuff I had but it is all now unpacked and put away so he has stopped bleating. I do now have a proper stash cupboard, picture to follow.

I had started trying to knit celeste from Rowan mag but had to frog it FIVE times. Amazed the calmer withstood the abuse. Just couldn't get the pattern to work out once it went into purl 2 tog tbl. Need to look that one up. Instead I have done the sleeves. Sleeves first - what a revolutionary idea. Although I have just read on UKHandKnitters that someone else does that all the time!

Was caught up in a burst of creativity at the weekend as well so have designed a top to be done in sari silk yarn based on a designer dress in 'Knitting in Fashion' which is a book I just love. This it is by Yohimoto but have probably spelt that wrong. Will post a pic as soon as I have finished the front.

What a mess! Am a sucker for tryig out odd balls of this and that. One day I'll knit a big blanket out of the scraps. Posted by Hello
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