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Showing posts from August 14, 2005

The stitch is back (long post alert)

Dude....have I ever not blogged for this long? Goes to show the action/illness packed week I've been having I guess.

The headaches are finally subsiding. I think it probably was sinusitus so many thanks to Nickerjac for the sinutab tip. I still have a session booked in a flotation tank for Monday though (thanks Yvonne!) which I am really looking forward to. I'm also thinking it might be time to get my eyes tested again (thanks Nikki). In fact thanks everyone for all your suggestions.

So finally I have had some time for some prepare to be bombarded with pictures. First up we have a swtch for the pinky hat using my handspun. The yarn is red with red sequins so I thought it would look best on a red background (dur).

Pooch chose his red yarn and the life aquatic hat just needs sewing up now. Here he is modelling the wip!

It's very simple 2x2 rib and I basically did it yesterday on the train down to canterbury and back.

Canterbury was very good. I was there to see my l…

Goddamn spam and flotation tanks

Have had to change the comment setting to registered users only. I didn't want to have to do this because I respect people's right to anonymity but then its been abused.

Thanks for all the advice about headaches. I remember seeing some 4head stuff in boots that I think is like tiger balm. Will go and have a go. And a flotation tank? Oooo I fancy that. Plus I like the head massage idea - let's face it they were all good. Thanks everyone x

My head hurts

And, friends, that just about sums up my life recently. Have had headaches for the last couple of days. Off work today as everything makes it hurt more. Ibuprofen gets rid of it for about an hour - paracetamol does nothing. Am allergic to lavender but open to suggestions if anyone knows of a non-pill cure. It's an old joke but I like it - if I jumped up and down I'd rattle. So nothing much to blog recently.

Plans have been developing well with Nikerjac. Anyone free first or last weekend of Feb? You'll hear it here first....

Apology and spam

Becky! So sorry - the sequins are from you not purlpower. I get confused when I see people's 'real' names. Purlpower has sent me soemthing else that hasn't yet materialised. Mind like a sieve - sorry. Needless to say I *adore* the sequins and am looking forward to knitting pinky with them x

Spam - guys.....I don't want a ceiling fan, anything to grow bigger, a laptop or a new job. I'm sorted for all that stuff. Don't want to have to alter the comment status but really....

Lixie Spins It

I am still knitting though, honest. As proof, here is the wip - dreamcatcher cardigan from loop-d-loop.

That big hole in the middle is what you put the cobwebby bit in. Knitting with two balls of wool is no particular fun, although I am now aware that it is easier if the balls are smaller.

But actually that's the most knitting you're going to read about now because Byrne has the spinning bug, and she's got it bad. A little trip to handweavers studio yesterday yielded excellent results....
I love Wendslydale curls. There's just something *SO* "look at me" beautiful about them. I'm yet to actually knit anything that includes me but, hey, what's the rush?

And then I got lots of lovely merino (lots of red for my pinky hat - and I thinks I have spun enough for that today.
Lots (200g) of blue faced leicester and more camel for my first knitted homespun item - a scarf. Although now I feel compelled to spin some sequins or something into. I shall try to resist t…

Stitch Markers for Sale

All of these are £2 for 4. P&P is free within the UK. £1 within Europe and £1.50 for the rest of the world. Email me at littlelixieathotmaildotcom with the description of the ones you want and what size needles you want them to fit on (in mm up to 25mm) and I'll make sure I've got some in stock! Posted within 7 days of payment receipt. Payment by paypal, cheque or postal order. Please don't post me cash but feel free to throw wads of it at me if you see me in person. All are about 1cm square apart from the rose petals which are more like an inch, the dragonflys which are an inch across the wings and the sewing ones - the tape measure ribbon is about 3cm square. The semi-precious stone ones come in purple (amethyst) or orangy-red (red agate) or a mix of the two.