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Showing posts from October 9, 2005

*sob* Headline shock - Byrne still deprived of internet by no-good-Pooch

When I do finally get internet at home I hope you all realise I ahve about 30 photos to blog and they're all good ones so you'd better book a day's leave or something to get trhough that post.

Alexandra Palace was awesome. I know I have a tendancy to overuse this word but it really was tremendous. And even better I get to go back there tomorrow with ma mere et ma souer pour une bonne vacance mange tout mange tout. I'm not going into how much I spent but let us just say it was less than Miss Ruth was planning and was in budget! But I have never been so satisified with a shopping trip in my life. You knwo sometimes when you blow a load of doshy at an anticipated occasion you get back after and think..."Is that all I got?" (I do this all the time - I have long believed there are pixies stealing my money out of my wallet whenever I venture out on a shopping trip) Anyway this was definitely not that. Every item I got out of my 'Mojos baddass knitting' shopp…

So where the hell have I been?

Well I’ll tell you. I’ve been in no-ninternet-land for what seems like years. I have been too busy to blog and too busy to even check my emails so apologies to those of you who have not heard from me. I have also been too busy still to put my photos on a computer so am still pissing you all off with a pictureless post. As a make-up-don’t-break-up effort I am supplying some websites which have recently come to my attention. It all started with My Cat Hates You which is a true representation of the cat psychology. It went on to Stuff on my Cat and has since degenerated into Cats in Sinks and now Kitten War. I promise you it can not get lower than this. Although I do not promise to keep that promise.

Have just been to a bar to meet a friend for lunch. He’s all down cause of various stuff but also managed to be late which meant I was already one cocktail up when he got there and then ordered another while we were waiting for food (fishfinger sandwich – The Social on Little Portland Street,…