Tuesday, 10 January 2006


I got tagged two days ago by Nikki but can't manage to get the brain in gear enough to get 7 for each category. So here is my slightly amended version.

Five Things to Do Before I Die
  1. Go to Japan
  2. Go to New Zealand
  3. Be clear of depression
  4. Have a baaaaabbbbbbyyyyyy
  5. Get hitched (big dress)

Six Things I Cannot Do
  1. Crawl (swimming style)
  2. Any one thing for more than about an hour at a time
  3. Sleep-in
  4. Leave the house without a book
  5. Use chopsticks properly
  6. Continental knitting
Three Things That Attract Me to Blogging
  1. Sharing what I've done
  2. Seeing what others have done
  3. Source of inspiration

Seven Things I Say Most Often

  1. Dude
  2. Knitting
  3. Yarn
  4. Wool
  5. Pooch (in various tones of voice)
  6. Bollocks
  7. Balanced Scorecard

Six Books That I Love

  1. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, J Le Carre
  2. Small Gods, T Pratchett
  3. Thud!, T Pratchett
  4. A prayer for owen meany
  5. Murder must advertise, D Sayers
  6. Murder on a monday, P Branch

Five Movies That I Watch Over and Over Again

  1. Mary Poppins
  2. The taking of Pelham 123
  3. Zoolander
  4. Star Trek Insurrection
  5. Hellboy

Some People I Want To Join In Too

(Actually i don't want to tag anyone as it's a bit or a marmiter with the love/hate thing. Consider yourself tagged if you'd like to be.)

Took one too many pills on Monday (Monday has been one of my cut-down days for 4 months so this wasn't dangerous it was just forgetful) and the impact of having just one pill extra has thrown me back into the forgetfulness again. It seems to be wearing off a bit now but it serves as another reminder how powerful the anti-d's are.

Golders Green last night was really good - lots of chatting and laughing and a new woman came along who was really nice. I finished (bar the edging) Yoshimi's yellow jumper. Would have had pictures but the camera was dead this morning. Am looking forward to my fabric-buying trip on Saturday and Pooch is now indicating he doesn't actually care if I go to Sandown to see Les and Tess (of Silkwood Yarns) on Sunday. I am a little unsure of Pooch at the moment though. He starts a new job (different game, still at Sony) on Monday so has a leaving lunch and drinks on Friday but I'm not invited to either. Then there's football on saturday which he has expressed delight at about me not being there. A group meal in the evening and then I thought we would do something couply on sunday which is his actual birthday. But now he seems happy about me not being there. Ah well. I guess I'm only treading water with Pooch til Nigel Harman comes to his senses anyway. Because a mentally ill, anti-d addicted, sleep disturbed, knitting obsessed, out of shape project manager is just what he's looking for....


Woolly Wormhead said...

The AD's are indeed powerful - try not to worry too much about Pooch, though... maybe he's just trying to give some space?

Have fun shopping for fabric this saturday - am sooo jealous. Mind, I've got a few Asian shops on the high street so will suffice with those...

Jennifer said...

I loved Murder must Advertise too! I like most of the movies on your list too.


Kenny only saw fit to tell me that there is a Nigel lookilike on his electrics course last week! Hello! He's been doing the course for six months and only now he tells me. Mind you, I only have Kenny's word for it regarding the likeness. I shall try and gets pics of him and then you can make your judgement...


I've done your meme by the way...

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