Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Ooooo Handbag

Yuck. I feel yuck. That Pooch....he's got a lot to answer for.

Have not managed to get much knitting done as I feel yuck. Would have been watching lousy films on video all day except Pooch unplugged the video about 2 months ago and despite repeated requests refuses to plug it back in because "It's easy - you can do it yourself". There is often this misunderstanding that because you have a physics degree you are 'good' with electrical appliances. This is what people with physics degrees do with wires. They tend to follow the same approach to plugging things in as the chef in the muppets does to cooking.

You know how he tends to err on the 'more is less' side of things and liberally fling flour and eggs around? Well physicists find something isn't working and think "Hmmm, there's an empty socket. Maybe if I plug this wire into it everything will work again." I don't do wires. I do cook a bit like the swedish chef though, which explains why lunch was nothing more adventurous than baked beans and frankly they haven't done much for the couped-up-waiting-for-the-happy-release-of-death atmosphere in here.

I have been thinking more about the whole bored/challenging thing and it doesn't make me exactly easy of mind. Let us take the Pooch as an example. Some people would say and many others would agree that life with Pooch follows a fairly simple equation..

Pooch = Challenging

He is a bit like a rubix cube where someone took all the stickers off and restuck them and now they're coming off a bit and there's 2 missing. BUT...could there come a time when I actually understand all the intricacies of the Pooch mind? I know he can't drink out of the randomly christened 'weed mug' and that he thinks things are going to hit him on the head all the time and that kermit is a god and computer games are not 'toys' and he can not leave the house without ironing his jeans and shoes have to co-ordinate with the shirt/t-shirt you are wearing and all of that. What if there's not that much left to learn? I talked to therapist louise about this at our last meeting and she told me about the 3/4 years cycle that relationships tend to get into where every 3/4 years there is a big doubt phase and re-evaluation and all that. Now Pooch and I sre due to marry 10 days after our third anniversary. Ooer. I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying is all.

Anyway, am feeling cold and coughy without my fluffy pink blanket. I'm pretty certain I'll never really 'get' Pooch completely so there's not actually anything to worry about. Pre-wedding nerves at 14 months? Weird.



Honey, you are female, he is male. If you live to be 110 I am convinced that you will never, ever, understand him completely.

Spinningfishwife said...

Even if it were possible to understand men 100% it probably wouldn`t be a good idea.

Flossie said...

Really, why would you want to know everything?!


rho said...

I got cold feet walking down the isle - I remember thinking "this is forever - ACK!!" Well - 27.5 yrs later I'm still thinking ACK!!! LOL

You will never ever understand them - don't even try :D Just remember for the most part it is a fun journey with moments that you could happily strangle them.

arrgh - I hate verification words - I usually have to try 3 times - next one is a charm right??

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