Friday, 5 May 2006

Dear God, please, not more wool

Are these words you ever thought you'd hear me utter? You see I really feel I might actually have overdone it on this trip (don't ever quote me on this though Pooch, my sweet). I made a trip to some place...maybe called Chestnut Hill.... to visit a couple of yarn stores that were within 10 mins walk of each other on the same road. They both had admirable ranges of yarn from all over the place at prices you'd expect plus a good selection of needles and things (one shop also had a white cat with one eye - at least it only opened one eye during our stroking session so I might be making a hasty assumption here). And I could barely bring myself to buy anything in either. In fact I just shopped in one and then had a TWO HOUR bus ride to get back to Philadelphia because a bus broke down or something. I took the bus instead of the train thinking it would be, as my american uncle once said to me 'a fascinating view of small-town-america' and yeah, you know, it was. And was. And was and was and was for TWO HOURS!!!

However, one reason for the fatigue is that my elann order showed up so I now possess more cotton than any woman should plus some peruvian alpaca silk in 'parchment'. In fact I was looking over my haul from this trip and considering there are still two days left it is impressive to say the least. But I do think Pooch may be unhappy up to some point, although his having missed me will counteract some of that.

The Pooch has been sending me very sweet emails since i departed London and has suggested we stop shillyshallying (another phrase, along with higgledypiggledy, guaranteed to get any american laughing during a business discusion) about and get married asap. Told him to remain calm as having tried on the dress to end all dresses I am damn well not missing out on my opp to wear the wretched thing.

I feel I am rambling slightly because you see I am EXHAUSTED. I did a small amount of carousing last night ( 1 smirnoff ice) and got back here at 10.30 (that's 3.30am in the UK) having had the conference dinner under the dinosaurs and been promised live snakes to stroke that turned out to be a parrot that jigged up and down if you sang it 'happy birthday' and some sort of lizard that looked like it has been sat on. Then at 2am here the desk jockey rang me. I picked up the phone having hit the alarm clock a couple of times before realising it wasn't that making the noise only to have him apologise in my ear and then spill forth the memorable sentance.... "But I didn't wake you right?" Didn't wake me? My good man, you may be riding sidesaddle on the front desk at 2am but I am safely tucked in and catching sleep I possibly should or shouldn't be having because I'm all confused with the time difference. Considering I had another hard morning conferencing today I am pretty sure I should have had an uninterrupted 8 hours. Anyway... I sat through the first session and realised I hadn't taken in a word because I was wholly absorbed in not falling asleep in a comic lurching forward and hitting pencil with head that then cartwheels off and smacks the speaker in the ear type way. The onyl way, and I mean I really considered all options because I know this is not the most professional thing to do, was to get out el sockies and start knitting away. It was only st st so I never took my eyes off either speaker or the screen except to take notes. And sure enough I found it much much easier to concentrate but I feel I may have reinforced the english's reputation for downright weirdness.

I feel I've lost the thread again and am writing far too much considering I can't upload pictures. Let me at least give you a googled taster of what tomorrow promises. First a little....

Then some....
Before very likely finishing with a...

(I was going to put a picture of a cheesesteak here but they are so gross to look at this would really not be a good thing)

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Jennifer said...

Alex, I had to keep reading your post title, to make sure I was sure what I was reading. Hee hee!

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