Tuesday, 13 June 2006


Friday: 0.5 hours
Saturday: 5 hours
Sunday: 7 hours
Today: 0 hours

There's a number of things to be explained here....
  1. The wedding is off, but the engagement is still on.
  2. The MBA is deferred for 6-12 months.
  3. I've got heat rash on one side of my neck only. (The left - my left - does this signify anything? I know if you have hot ears it means someone is talking about you and I have always assumed if you have one hot ear, the left for example - your own left - that means the person talking about you must be stage left somewhere.)
  4. The table above is the number of hours Pooch and I have spent together on each day that is not sleeping or getting-ready-for-work-time. I will be tracking progress and quite possibly using the residual skills from my degree to draw a graph in excel.
  5. I have rejoined UKHandKnitters.
So anyway...

My secret pal tells me there is a parcel in the offing which is tres exciting! I have been really enjoying spoiling mine who has had a minor and major parcel from me and loved both of them. Next is a postcard as in interim - wool related naturally! I'm going to see if I see anything for her from woolfest. I got a few bits with sheep on last time I visited mum.

I was going to represent the list above in photo montage but Pooch has nicked my camera. Sod.

My major problem at the moment is that I am out of knitting inspiration so I am looking to you lot to inspire me. I just can't settle to anything. Maybe it's the heat but nothing appeals. So all suggestions gratefully received. It doesn't have to be knitting necessarily but just something to do in the evenings that I will enjoy and find interesting. Best suggestion will be rewarded with some postcards from my current ebay selection!


Jennifer said...

I hope the heat rash gets better. That can be very irritating.

susoolu said...

Needle felting - just think how satisfying it could be, jabbing those teeny-tiny sharp needles into something!

Glad you are still going to Woolfest, though, despite all the re-juggling.


I got a heat rash too this week, GP said I might be allergic to heat which seems crazy to me but what do I know?

Am also glad you will be at Woolfest, we can meet up if you like....

Sounds like you've had a big weekend of decision making, I'm not sure I can advise you of anything in particular to knit but how about this for a suggestion: pick a pattern book or folder at random, close your eyes, let it open at a random point, make or adapt whatever it lands on - no cheating!

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