Thursday, 27 July 2006

Fairisle madness

I just did the tiniest bit of fairisle for some socks and now it haunts my thoughts... The following is the result of a particularly painful meeting yesterday plus the investment in a squared notebook. Hours of fun.

It started innocently enough with the idea of a really simple hugs and kisses theme band.

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Which became...

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Then I started thinking about the short row fairisle in the loop-d-loop book and how cool it looked to see a conventional, familiar design twisted a little. So then I started thinking, as I am sure many have done before me, does the band really need to be straight?

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Turn your attention to top and bottom right. Of the two the bottom would be easier but then the top does look rather fun. I guess the answer might be to start with a front and then see how that goes before attempting the back. Any thoughts, wise readers?

I did a bad thing today. Actually this leads on to a bigger issue. My obsession with knitting has reached really quite cosmic proportions. I just don't think about anything else. Maybe this will calm down again once I am returned to the bosum of my stash on saturday but it does worry me a little. You see I asked to be notified when sock hop was back in stock (scroll down the page). Helen had some and that stuff is just beautiful. I got an email last night saying it would be available from thursday morning west coast. I am english, right. I do not know what time a west coaster would consider to be 'morning' although I was hoping it would be about 3am as that is when I first went online to see if the link was live yet. And I refreshed. And refreshed, and you get the picture.

It didn't go live til 3pm.....

By then I was a bit overexcited and let's just say that the issue of whether I am going to splurge on a spinning wheel this month is definitely an issue no longer. Let's also say that I've got the yarn I need for my xmas socks. It's just so darn beautiful. May I be forgiven but just look at this. Handspun, plied, plus machine washable? Who could not fall for it?

My secret pal hostess has posed the following question for us to blog about...

Someone has stolen your stash and all your books: now what are you going to do?

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.....someone stole my stash? Holy crap - call the cops, call the fire brigade, I need 5cc morphine and a chocolate drip STAT.

In fact, and this is even worse, I have the plymouths and some crochet hooks at Alex3's and have some sock yarn from both the sockhop site and ebay, god, AND CPU enterprises (link in menu on left) in the post AND I have three zimmermann books coming my way AND the yarn harlot's book arrived today and I also have vogue-shawls-to-go in the post so I'd be OK for a day or two. You see what I mean about it becoming an obsession. Where is that counter website thing. I'm so going to not spend anything else on knitting until.....after the festival of quilts on 18 August. (I can hear the stashalong people groaning and saying stuff like "big wow").

Take that, knitting addiction!
Feel so lonely now.
Just me and my stash.
If ever I worry about the size of it I just think about Yvonne and her using the space under the bath to store yarn as everywhere else is full. Now that is impressive.


Jennifer said...

Accumulating stash is just a byproduct of knitting. Revel in the stash!

Kate said...

I agree that the back looks harder to accomplish, all the more reason, therefore, to start with that. Then, if you just can't do it, you can sling it in the bin/frog it and carefully husband all the yarn and all is not lost. Imagine the horror if you'd already done two fronts (which came out perfectly)and then found you fell at the last fence? No, no, no, start with the hardest thing and then it's all downhill from there.

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