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More details

The thing is, now everyone is talking to me about weddings. Maybe I should have kept quiet about it for a couple for a couple of days while I got used to the idea. I think that ‘getting engaged’ seemed very separate from ‘getting married’. Now I might have a bit of a problem because people at work are all telling me to book the venue and set the date asap because 18 months isn’t that long. But at the same time Pooch, being the gruffalo that he is, doesn’t want to think about any of that stuff til much nearer the time. And early forays into a discussion about such things have shown us both that our idea of an ideal wedding and honeymoon do not exactly coincide.

Anyway, how did it happen?

There we were walking along the roads behind oxford street when we got into a discussion about how people show love and I jokingly complained he didn’t buy me enough stuff and we should go shopping. Pooch agreed and said “Let’s buy a ring.”. So off we went into house of fraser (we were at their back entr…

You're making me cringe

I've gone 'no emails' on the UKhandknitters list because of this cringeworthy fuss about a certain supplier and whether or not they are crap. The owner has now jumped on the list and keeps publically engaging people in debates about their level of service, what went wrong and what they've done to make it better in future. One email letting the list know what had been going on would have been fine. But contacting each customer and effectively cc'ing 1100 other people in on the list is just making me cringe. You'll note I haven't mentioned their company name here because I don't want to give them anymore screen time. I shall miss the list for the next few weeks but I'll only go back once all this is over.

Well look at me, getting all snooty and uppity! I've had a strange weekend so far. I think I may have overdone it a bit. I had loads of domestic stuff to sort out plus an exam to revise for tomorrow and yet I also seem to have done more knitting a…