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Pooch is/isn't ill (delete as appropriate)

Pooch rang me at lunchtime yesterday to tell me he was seriously ill and to stand by. He went off to the doc (private, female) and told her his list of woes and she told him he was coming down with pukka full-blown flu and should go to bed immediately and stay there for the duration. (She also asked him if he was depressed as he 'looked it'. A: He's from Manchester so this is his default face. B: Depressed people don't have to look depressed.)
So home he comes laden with paracetamol, juice and grapes plus some random medication the female gave him and hops into bed feeling all the symptoms he told the doc he had coming on. Evening falls. Pooch eats a hearty dinner of sausage and mash and goes to bed all happy. Moning breaks. Pooch sleeps in and waked up quite fine. Flu? I think not.

Now let me list the ways in which this has affected my life....
This is MY freaking holiday. It is not supposed to have a mangey Pooch sitting in the middle of it.
I was worried I might be cont…

Secret Pal 8

Much to my own surprise I have signed up and requested a pal in the US. It was definitely getting that parcel from purl power that did it. I love post! I also love stuff like what I was doing today, even though it was raining.

It started with a lovely massage from Timo and he was all dumbfounded when I gave him the tiny knitted top. The baby is a girl and is due next Thurs so fingers crossed for them. Then a meander around covent garden. Stopped off at the cath kidston store. Man, I love that stuff. Bought some divine red spotted fabric napkins and some pink spot paper ones. Now this was wedding research you see, so doesn't count as real money. Meandered into a topshop and got some new jeans and some wicked bad red polka dot shoes with bows on the toes - so minnie mouse! Then off to the V&A for some lovely japanese kimonos and the textile gallery. Plus a gorg t-shirt with a trompe-oeil tape measure on it. Oooo, lots of fun stuff.

After all this moshing about has made me mighty s…

This episode brought to you by the letter T

First let us begin with tuna..

You see Pooch left me to fend for myself for one evening. You know how if you don't use your muscles they waste away? Well the same has happened to me with survival skills. I knew I would be providing food for myself but I stupidly counted on there being bread at home or a tin of soup. So there wasn't any soup so I could see the bread and thought I'd have tuna maiyonnaaaiiissse sandwich. Yum. I used to live off these when I was younger. So I made the tuna mayo and got my bread ready for toasting. The bread has a large amount of mould on it. OK, let's not panic here. I do a quick search for any form of bread product and find none. I see a box of cheese biscuits in the cupboard and any port in a storm right? So I'm heading for an evening meal of tuna mayo and cheese biscuits. I reach for the box and la Poochy has put an empty box of cheese biscuits into the cupboard open end first so it looks like a pristine box. I don't even eat tha…