Tuesday, 30 May 2006


It's gone pretty damn quiet out there in knit/blog world. Loads of bloggers aren't updating more than once every 10 days (Ok, I know I do that too) and I typed 'woolfest' into UKHandKnitters archive and there had been no discussion about it in the last month. All very odd.

Speaking of odd. Aha. I think I might have got promoted today. It was all very weird. I got i and sean and I had a bit of a disagreement about how I'd done something and whether it should have been done at all. Then half an hour later he asked me if I had 15 mins for a private chat. I thought I was up for a proper bollocking which was a little galling as I don't think that has happened since John made me manager and I tried to refuse to go on the outlook training. Must be about 3 years ago. Anyway, I gathered pen and paper and walked into the meeting room to find sean glowering in a chair in the corner. I sat down and he said "I've been thinking about your job satisfaction..." and I'm thinking - oh great, it's going to go all sarcastic - when he started going on about how he wanted me to be a kind of number two (in a good way) to him. It seems at M&S where he used to work such people were called PAs and were ranked between senior managers and directors. (In case anyone reading is also confused PAs in the english/normal sense are basically secretaries.) So he came out with all this stuff about how I'd be going to loads of meetings with him and do loads of operational stuff and see the real depravity of top-level office politics and when I spoke people would know I was speaking for him and all this. Plus that it would probably bring me in for a load of flack for being perceived as teacher's pet. Pah, I say to that. Let us not forget I was the first person in the Institute's history (from 1870 something or something) to actually fire someone. Don't talk to me about flack. The staff association holds no terrors for me. Oh no.

So yes. It seems I will probably get some more money but we're in the middle of a job review at the moment so my job was going to get upgraded anyway. There's no need for a title change although I can if I want to. Nothing will be announced. I'll just suddenly be more in people's faces, which I just know they'll love.

In knitting news I've been spinning the multi-red-dyed fleece I got from wingham in Feb. I'm drop spindling and have done all of ooooooooo maybe 15g. I was aiming for DK but on average I'd say it was 4-ply with motions into laceweight and aran. Apprentice spinners will be able to comiserate. I think I have about 50g of it all together so need to think of something to do with it after I'm done. I'm just setting the twist on the first spindle full so I should be able to knit up a sample tomorrow when it's dry. Have almost done the back of the summer top so that should be finished at the weekend.

In MBA news I have started my first assignment and it's bloody hard. Let's not talk about that.

Why am I blogging so late? (for me!) Yes, it's Pooch. It is of course an england warm up game today and he has yet to descend back into my warm, fluffy evening. I mean to say, look at this. Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to pooch and his unwholesome work. He's still editing this first post but hey, if you want to waste a month rolling round london with a bunch of friends who think the word 'period' is the funniest thing ever then now you'll know where to find them. Keep meaning to create a world-cup-free-zone button. Maybe tomorrow if I'm not doing something number twoish. Period, heehee.
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