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Showing posts from May 28, 2006

Enough said


It's gone pretty damn quiet out there in knit/blog world. Loads of bloggers aren't updating more than once every 10 days (Ok, I know I do that too) and I typed 'woolfest' into UKHandKnitters archive and there had been no discussion about it in the last month. All very odd.

Speaking of odd. Aha. I think I might have got promoted today. It was all very weird. I got i and sean and I had a bit of a disagreement about how I'd done something and whether it should have been done at all. Then half an hour later he asked me if I had 15 mins for a private chat. I thought I was up for a proper bollocking which was a little galling as I don't think that has happened since John made me manager and I tried to refuse to go on the outlook training. Must be about 3 years ago. Anyway, I gathered pen and paper and walked into the meeting room to find sean glowering in a chair in the corner. I sat down and he said "I've been thinking about your job satisfaction..."…