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Showing posts from July 16, 2006


I love that word. Anyway, before I forget go and look at this. Hilarious. It waa reviewed on the knitters review newsletter. If you're not getting this weekly email you should think about signing up as the woman who does it writes really well and it is always interesting.

OK, to business. Guess who was lucky enough to get another SP parcel?! Oh yeah. Guess who's unlucky enough not to have found their camera? So on the dodgiest 'borrowed' office camera here is what we have...

The labels hopefully say it all. Except they don't indicate just how excellent it all is.

Sun print paper - oh yeah.

Close up of the light-spitting-lizard. I now have this lizard attached to my security fob that hangs round my neck all day at work. It just brightens my day no end having a lizard attached to my neck.

So once again my SP plays another blinder and is to be worshipped from afar. It's just a shame I can't do justice to the things with better pictures.

In other I'm-so-spoilt ne…