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Wear Your Wool To Work Day

I have been meaning to do this for ages and the thing that was holding me up was not having a button. But now I still don't have a button but am not waiting any longer. To fit in with Ally Pally and it being National Knitting Week I declare next wednesday (11th October) to be WYWTWD - or Wear Your Wool to Work Day! Your challenge is to create a button and also spread the word! What you do is.....wear soemthing that you have knitted to work. Or school. Or Uni. Or around the house if you're not working that day. Pretty simple!

In other news here are some photos....
This is the spiral tank top which I have run out of wool for! Tess thinks she can do me some more. Feel like such an amateur in running out!

This is the first of Pooch's lobster mittens. Long story. In case some of you haven't noticed, and for the rest of you to read once you recover from your faints, The Byrne is using dpn's. I know. I knwo I hate them. The fact that I'm using them and for fairisle no le…

Glitter sperm

I told you I'd try and sort out a picture. It looks better in the flesh.

Did I mention Pooch's pants? Can't remember now. But many of you who have items similar to Pooch around the house will know that once they find something they like they seldom want to change. Pooch liked the 3 pairs of pants he had and nothing would induce him to change or, and this is key, add to their number.... So byrne breaks down and buys Pooch pants but lo and behold, they are the wrong sort. So Pooch goes out and buys his own pants to prove his point and.....

{as an aside - let's all speculate on how this is going to end. Before you scroll down post a comment and let me know!}

....the pants Pooch buys are IDENTI_FRICKING_CAL to the ones Byrne bought except hers were from Tescos and his are from M&S. This is the result of 10 minutes alone with these pants.
The bars on the 't's aren't very distinct in the photo :(

I was in Greenwich last night and saw this billboard. Isn't it a…

Reasons to be cheerfull. 1, 2, 3.....

I really like that song – reasons to be cheerful by Ian Drury.

I spent more time navel gazing (or naval gazing as one of my colleagues once wrote in a widely circulated email) this weekend and have an addiction to craft (or cr-aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-ft as Pooch nows calls it – he’s been working on his south of england vowels after a life of phonetic crime up north). I obsess in order to distract myself from having time to feel stuff, innit. And then I hoard stuff so I can never run out of things to do. Because then I would have to use the byrne noodle for something other than glitter positioning. And on the subject of this, because life is never too short for such things, I made some sperm out of glitter glue last night. Now let’s review that sentence for a minute and reflect.


I would show you a picture (have just realised I’m making this sound worse) but didn’t have the camera handy. Suffice to say it is an ATC for a pregnancy and still-birth awareness ATC swap on swapbot and …