Saturday, 24 February 2007

Baby knits and heart shaped boxes (kind of)

There is a teeny tiny baby boy due in May who will be getting this little ensemble.
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(Yes, that is Pooch Kermit is sitting on. Nothing but the comfiest seat for Kermit.)
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They are made of something I think is called Sirdar Baby Denim or something like that. The hat pattern is from a modern book and is a 2-needle job but the jacket is from a 70s baby pattern book full of really plump little critters with rosy cheeks and big smiles. Here's a better pic of the lacey bits although the colours look weird in this one.
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This was also a big week for socks as I handed over the socks that rock socks to BoyAlex and he did the whole i-love-them thing very well. Here is an action shot!
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They did seem to fit very well so I am very pleased with them and of course that means I am a quarter mile through my sock yarn. Somebody asked what 5.2 miles of sock yarn looked like and it's really not that much. Honest. Well. Kind of.
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A lot of it is plain green, blue, brown and white so I am thinking of some Elizabeth Zimmermann knee highs that were in interweave a few months back. It would mean dpns though so is a big thing to take on.

Talking of Interweave brings me on to something we'll just deal with briefly - my previous post. As expected there were a couple of 'but she's pregnant' type but the majority were supportive on top of those of you who took the time to email me privately about it. Particular thanks to one person who took time to share some of her past experiences with me. Anyway, as I said I got the money back and will just steer clear of hipknits in future so no harm done. End of episode!

SkipNorth is now less than 2 weeks away which is quite thrilling and vaguely terrifying as well. There is still a fair bit of detail to be worked out such as who sleeps where and dietary preferences and a final itinerary for the coach but once that is done I will be finishing a project I've been working on behind closed doors for a while. This is another blog which is more for my use than for public consumption over at LixieKnittedIt. This is a repository for things I have already and do plan to knit in the future. It is also somewhere to keep track of my stash. My original idea was to keep it as a showcase of what I'd knitted as a lot of my outpourings have flown the nest with no permanent record remaining of them. But it was also to serve as a deterrant to online shopping as when tempted I could pop across to this site and look at what I've already got. Cunning, but time consuming, so it is still very much in progress.

Another thing that is in progress is the PODCAST! Whoop whoop. Episode 2 is due to hit the airwaves tomorrow and I have found some music to use in it and everything so it should go pretty nicely. Famous last words!

Very finally we have had a new addition to our family - a heart shaped Le Creuset casserole dish. Isn't it sweet? The handles make me think of sticky out ears. I christened it by making a wholly inappropriate toad in the hole in it and it came out the other side relatively unscathed. Hoorah for kitchen kitsch!
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