Thursday, 15 February 2007

Finished Objects

Got a few photos to show off quickly.

This one is a tiny curly whirly scarf in blue james c brett marble with a fluffy edging.
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These are the socks made from regia silk. I'm not sure about the colours but then they're not for me!
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This is sock in progress in socks that rock 'nodding violet'. I've actually finished this one and started the other now. Such progress!
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Now this is just eye candy. Pooch brought them home on Monday after doing a naughty thing on sunday night. They are much appreciated and calm has been restored to the ByrnePooch household!
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And here is the aforementioned Pooch with me up on the walkway high above Tower Bridge - this is the surprise he managed to keep from me for the last month or so. It was really lovely up there with champagne and a pianist (not something to say when you've quaffed too much champagne)
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And now some otjer kind of candy. Rumballs. I'm talking about the cheapo version you get in pick and mix. There things are just sooooo good. I could eat a zillion. And I just found out they have them at the top shop sweet concession on oxford street. Mmmmm.
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The sharp eyed among you will notice that in the picture there is only about half a rumball. You see? They taste too good for me to wait to photograph it.

I'm planning issue 3 of the Proud To Be Crafty zine so if you fancy committing yourself to paper just let me know!


Penny said...

The scarf is an effective use of Marble. Maybe I'll copy it?

RoxyKnits said...

Yay! Your Socks That Rock arrived - congratulations ;)

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