Wednesday, 19 September 2007

How do you lose a stitch dictionary?

I just don't get where the bloody thing has gone. It was one of those big'uns - a hardback and many pages and some pounds in weight. Not the sort of thing that would be easy to mislay you'd have thought. And I've been looking for it for more than a month now. Now that is some ditsy tidying on my part. All this means that I am in the market for a new one and I'm not really sure what to go for. Here are my options:
  • Vogue Stitchonary amazon link
  • Harmony Ultimate Sourcebook amazon link (this is the one I have lost)
  • Some sort of Barbara Walker one
  • Something else..

Does anyone have any advice/guidance for me? I think I'll hold out til ally pally to see whether there are any on offer and if I don't find one then I'll go with whatever you guys recommend.

In other news I have been relieved to hear that my ravelry queue is in fact nothing to be worried about and not a sign of my impending deterioration into madness. I liked one comment that it was a place to use to be able to find things again so in that spirit I really ought to make it a great deal longer than it is at present!

The other thing weighing on my mind - other than the whereabouts of my stitch dictionary, the length of my queue, the circumference of my stomach and the location of the nearest chocolate - is the podcast. I *really* enjoy doing it and I've had loads of lovely messages from people who seem to like it as much as I do. But I'm having terrible trouble finding time for it. I will be continuing with it for definite but it may be one of those annoyingly irregular ones that just happen to pop up now and again. In the meantime I can not recommend strongly enough my all time favourite: CraftyPod by Sister Diane which is just amazing. For pure knitting I've been listenging to all the knitpicks podcasts on my trusty ipod and they really are very good. Both are on itunes.

Oh yes, that reminds me. There has been a lot of emails flying about SkipNorth - that fabulous knitting and spinning holiday that takes the hardcore knitters and spinners to Haworth every year. I can confirm that there will definitely be one! The date and cost are currently being confirmed by Nic and I. The cost is going to be a bit higher this year as we have two small coaches instead of that huge one from last year (not doing that again on those tiny roads!) but it will still be remarkable for a weekend including bed, meals and transport. Give me a week or so and I'll know the exact price and open up the bookings.


Rosie said...

sorry to hear the book's gone missing...I've always gone for Harmony ones. But am truly excited about SkipNorth, yipee!

rachel said...

I have teh four Barbara Walker books, but that's me being greedy, I love them but haven't made much use of them yet. Good news about SkipNorth, the best medicine for my chest infection yet!

Dorothy said...

Great news about SkipNorth. For what it's worth I don't think you can beat the Barbara Walker books. They're not cheap but with the £/$ situation it's not a bad time to get them from Treasury number 2 would be my first choice if you only want one but once you have one -you want the lot!!

Probably Jane said...
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Probably Jane said...

Trying again... what about a Japanese stitch dictionary? They have some lovely ones at the needleartsbookshop

Jo said...

I'm so wanting to come to Skip North this year, very excited!! I'd lost my Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches, but it did turn up last Sunday, maybe you should bu a different one incase yours turns up!

Nic said...

I'm really interestedin SkipNorth do I have to sign up anywhere?

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