Saturday, 29 September 2007

Isn't she pretty? (and a podcast)

Chuck's cabled socks by Eunny Jang.
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Very well written pattern. Have warbled about it a bit among many other things on the podcast. Listen if you dare. It does include a competition this time too! More details here.


Probably Jane said...

Thanks for the mention in your podcast!

Those socks are amazing - I find fairisle socks daunting enough, let alone trying to cable at the same time...need a lie down.

candace said...

Lovely podcast episode. Nice to have you back. (Maybe it just seems a long time?)
I checked out the fungus sock pattern. Most inriguing!

juliet said...

I really enjoy listening to your podcast- it's so nice to be caught up on them! :)
I especially liked the hat book review (from go knit in your hat).

Anonymous said...

I just love your pod cast. I am also a wwe freak and a knitter and spinner. People think you can't love both wrestling, big sweaty men and knitting. I think they are nutts. Keep up the good work.
Tamara in Aurora Co

knittygirl said...

Your podcast is fun. Love listening to what's going on outside of America!

maylin said...

Enjoyed the podcast, thanks for the sock pattern links

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