Sunday, 14 October 2007

Ally Pally and a Podcast

Podcast is over here.

So I was there yesterday but think I must have been doing rather too good a job on myself in the way of stash management. Everything I looked at I just ended up thinking 'but I've already got some like that....' Of course this did not extend to sock yarn which we all know doesn't count, especially whenit's £1.60 a ball.
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Very impressive stall actually which have talked about at length on podcast. Is this place.

I thought there was rather more non-knitting than knitting but this was not all bad as there did seem to be fewer cross stitch stands and more like this one...
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String upon string of beads and only a pound or three per string.

There was the usual black sheep scrum - quite a lot of jeager matchmaker for £2 a ball.
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And some lovely buttons. That's my mum in there having a look.
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There was a quite meeting of the Golders Green knitters, during which they all went resolutely silent as soon as my recorder appeared!
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So the haul is a little on the light side.
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Plus a kit from Shilasdair:
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Although I'm not totally happy about this. £65 for the kit and pattern says 'a medium sized garment' and then doesn't give you any measurements and is only written for that one size. Teaches me a lesson though to enquire more closely before shelling out on a kit.

Pooch spent the weekend in Cardiff and appeared triumphant with a present. Considering past offering I was a bit concerned about what it would turn out to be but in fact the boy done good, if slightly weird.


Rae said...

Too cute! He's a good guy.

ikkinlala said...

I really enjoyed your latest podcast. I hope the kit ends up working out okay - such a shame that it only makes one size.

carrie said...

Thanks for putting out such a great podcast!

sheepish1 said...

are those little containers in the photo dye pots? also is Ally Pally like the sheep and wool festivals in the US? how many vendors? just curious.
as always, love all your podcasts.

Susan said...


Those are fantastic slippers :)

Anonymous said...

Um, well, it takes a contest to get me to comment on one of my favorite podcasts....Seriously, though, I like the music of the trio, and it's got my vote.

BabyLongLegs said...

Is that dye I see in those little pots, Lixie??
Glad you enjoyed AllyPally.....
Are you going to the Stitch and Bitch Day? I am hoping to come.....might see you there?

Sarah xXx

Cheryl Knits said...

great podcast! can't wait for the next one!

livnletlrn said...

My 9 y.o. knitting dau. and I love to listen to your podcast while we knit together. Thanks. :-)

sheepish1 said...

thank you, thank you for posting Ally Pally photos, I just went to my first sheep and wool festival in the USA in NY, Rhinebeck and have posted photos on my blog if you want to see. Absolutely love your podcast, please keep going with it, whenever you can....It's really great!

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