Sunday, 30 December 2007

2007 round up

I don't know how common this is but I have an almost physical dislike of numbers that end in a 7. They make me do that thing with my nose that emotion used to make me do in the dim past before therapy stopped it. Seriously. So 2007 never boded that well for me. But all in all I think it's gone pretty well. This year has seen me...
  1. Get married
  2. Cut 75% of my meds
  3. Go a whole year without therapy (first since about 1999?)
  4. Get a new job (Yipppeeeeeeeee)
  5. Join ravelry, and thereby get a grip on all my WIP, UFOs, stash and queued projects.
  6. Knit some mighty fine objects, some of which I've put photos for below (in no particular order and largely depending on whether I could find them in my photobucket account)
  7. Hosted my first ever baby shower and become "Auntie Lixie" to the cutest baby I've ever seen.
  8. Reached episode 13 of the podcast, with a 14th being planned.
And probably more that I will think of the minute I publish this post!


I'm astonished to find that this is just a small part of what I've finished off this year. But it's not just the finished objects that I am grateful for - this year also saw the end to the never-ending-aran-jumper started for my step dad in 2005. Long may it rest in peace. The front, completed and ready to go, will form part of a lovely quilt for feed the children in the near future.

This time last year I was giving voice to all sorts of plans and it is of course the traditional time for resolutions. But I think I'm just going to see what the year brings. Pooch and I have been discussing things to do with buying a flat and I would like to see that happen next year but who knows which way the market will go next.

Knit-wise I am very happy with the year and with my current stockpile which would see me through at least one nuclear winter. This doesn't mean there won't be a little stash acquisition during the year, especially at SkipNorth which is shaping up to be oh so good. But I no longer feel compelled to buy all I can and am now much more committed to quality over quantity than I was in the past.

So yes, it's basically been a good one, despite the number 7 featuring so prominently in the year. I've got a little something to share with everyone. It is something I filmed Pooch doing about 6 months ago. This is pure gold, with Pooch at his muppet best. For those people with sound he is complaining at first that his 'arms bend back' but it is what happens when he notices what I'm doing that really keeps me coming back to it to watch over and over again....

Happy New Year everyone!

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Hanna said...

Wow, what an amazing amount of beautiful stuff you've knitted! That is such a great acomplishment!

Happy New year to you!

Janey said...

Happy New Year! Well done on all your accomplishments in 2007, both knitterly and otherwise. Looking forward to seeing what 2008 brings.

Susan said...

Wishing you all the best and much success in the New Year!
Your knits are gorgeous, the podcast entertaining and now a new job - You can chalk '07 down as quite the successful year.
Now here's to more of the same in 2008!


Mandella said...

Happy New Year Lixie, and may 2008 be a better year than the unexpectedly good one that was 2007.

Suhail said...

Happy new year Lixie and thanks so much for making that cool podcast :D. Keep it up in 2008. Great jumping Avatar btw hehe.

Craftydramaqueen said...

Happy New Year!

Auntie Noo said...

Happy New Year.

Fabulous knits, and the colours are all so lovely and cheerful..... I still love the cardigan the best though!

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