Friday, 9 February 2007


Bleh bleh bleh and so on. What a manky week. Nothing in particular - just low grade dirt. Anyway here is my weekend with no cold and nothing but good stuff to look forward to. Tomorrow brings a visit to deepest Kent to see friends and their little one year old daughter. Am so looking forward to it! Then Pooch and I are having a nice dinner. Then.... sunday brings the podcast recording. Let's face it - it is probably going to be quite rubbish but I'm quite looking forward to it. I haven't decided yet on a name...... Lixie Live is a possibility.

I did have some photos to show off of this week's achievements but I can't find the fricking camera. Something I didn't have photos of is the 'severe weather' we were warned was on its way to London on Thurs. I swear to god there was an inch at most of snow which had gone by lunchtime. Severe weather my arse. Meant I got a day working at home though so I didn't really mind.

Project J is getting me down a bit actually. As Pooch says it's not a good idea to go on about it too much here but it is occupying all my thoughts and generally casting a shadow on things. Should think more about the podcast instead!

Monday, 5 February 2007

Dum Der Digger Digger....

You know that music at the beginning of DVDs that goes Dum Der Digger Digger, Dum Der Digger Digger? I am a law abiding person excepting the occasional photocopied knitting pattern but there is something about that music, denied to warn you off downloading movies illegally, that really makes me *want* to steal a car. And a bag. And if I had a DVD writer I would steal films too. It's the way I am forced to watch this little mini movie EVERY time I watch a DVD. Every....fricking.....time. DVDs that I have bought and own legally and everything. I wouldn't want to steal just anyone's car though - look at how horrible it was when some scumball knicked Woolly Wormhead's van - I want to steal the car of the person who decided that that little film with the Dum Der Digger Digger would play everytime I watched one of my own films.

OK, dirge over and no more timewasting - we've got an alphabet to finish here folks!

L is for Luuuuurve. Because today Pooch and I love each other and everything is Luuuuurvely. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but for today - all is well.

M is for Medical Assistance. This is my way of getting round the fact that I have already long passed D and also that I wanted to tell the world how brave I was at the dentist today. Why don't they give those stickers to adults? Those ones that say what a brave girl you've been. I want one. I want a huuuuuge one.

N is for noteatingasmuchasIusedto. I lost 2 pounds!

O is for Octopus. I want to knit an octopus. All those dangly legs. I know I've seen patterns. Why haven't I knit one yet?

P is for Podcast! I am still on this. One might say "I've got 5 on it". Is that rude? I keep wondering. I really need Miss Louise Cameroonie to tell me because she knows stuff like that. I think of it as having something in hand but it could equally be a euphamism or however you spell it for wanking. On that topic my podcast is going to have sex tips. And jingles. Ha! Also on that subject, P is for Pooch. P is also for Pez. I bought my ickle brother this little one earlier.
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Isn't he cute? Brother is actually 15 but you're never too old for Pez. Er, right?

Q is for quilting. I had all these good ambitions about making a quilt but it's gone no where. I just tried to make some ATCs using bondaweb as a quilting shortcut and stuck the fricking bondaweb to the paper and now the whole lot is buggered. Screw it. What's a buggered ATC between friends? Ha!

R is for reading. Have I mentioned already that I am currently reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons? I am doing it for work and writing a review of the physics content. Which incidentally is quite extraordinary. My psychiatrist has several times recommended The Life of Pi. I really ought to read it. Anyway...mind went off at a tangent there.

S is for Slimfast. Obviously. Did I mention already.... I lost 2 pounds!

T is for toes. I know this is getting a bit tenuous now but let's stay with it. I have finished a sock. Same old simple 2-needle pattern using the bargain regia silk sans ballband I got form "the Wool Baa" on ebay (this is also where I got the yarn for the sister socks, which Debbie over at the Well-Tempered Knitter and also the Curly Cable gal asked about.) I do have a recipient in mind but I'm just not sure whether he'll go for them. Will ponder a bit more.

U is for Um.

V is for Valentine. I started a Valentine magic yarn ball swap on swap-bot. I know I said I'd never go there again because I kept getting shafted but I got lured back. But never again. They've changed the rules without telling people so if you're the swap host you're basically buggered. Either way I am still committed to this swap and soon this little lot...
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....will be winging its way to Holland all wrapped up in that ball of Taos you can see at the top of the pic.

W is for weekends. I'm still hurting about having missed mine due to the Pooch-given-lurgy. Goddamn Pooch.

XYZ is for xyz-I'm-bored-already. It was getting a bit tenuous.

OK, now for the bit where I inflict this alphabet on all you guys. The challenge is for you to come up with one word to describe yourself going all the way through the alphabet from A-W. Think along the lines of Adorable, Beautiful, Cross-stitch, Devilish, Earnest.... I'm going to tag 5 people and we'll see how far it goes.

I tag.... Nickerjac, WoollyWormhead, Moo, Gill (knitting at number 9), Purl Power and Kate (knittheknits). Guess I'd better go and tell them.

Oh but before I do..... Pooch bugged me for more than a year for a winerack. He complained constantly. And I mean constantly. The boy is persistant. So I buy him a winerack. To be more precise I buy him a self-assembly winerack in November. I assemble it myself. It took more than an hour, fecking winerack. And does he use it? See for yourselves...
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The pepsi and mouthwash are my additions and the two bottles of wine are out of the ocado delivery that just arrived that I paid for. The mini champagne is from our engagement party that happened a year ago. Honestly.
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