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Showing posts from February 4, 2007


Bleh bleh bleh and so on. What a manky week. Nothing in particular - just low grade dirt. Anyway here is my weekend with no cold and nothing but good stuff to look forward to. Tomorrow brings a visit to deepest Kent to see friends and their little one year old daughter. Am so looking forward to it! Then Pooch and I are having a nice dinner. Then.... sunday brings the podcast recording. Let's face it - it is probably going to be quite rubbish but I'm quite looking forward to it. I haven't decided yet on a name...... Lixie Live is a possibility.

I did have some photos to show off of this week's achievements but I can't find the fricking camera. Something I didn't have photos of is the 'severe weather' we were warned was on its way to London on Thurs. I swear to god there was an inch at most of snow which had gone by lunchtime. Severe weather my arse. Meant I got a day working at home though so I didn't really mind.

Project J is getting me down a bit …

Dum Der Digger Digger....

You know that music at the beginning of DVDs that goes Dum Der Digger Digger, Dum Der Digger Digger? I am a law abiding person excepting the occasional photocopied knitting pattern but there is something about that music, denied to warn you off downloading movies illegally, that really makes me *want* to steal a car. And a bag. And if I had a DVD writer I would steal films too. It's the way I am forced to watch this little mini movie EVERY time I watch a DVD. Every....fricking.....time. DVDs that I have bought and own legally and everything. I wouldn't want to steal just anyone's car though - look at how horrible it was when some scumball knicked Woolly Wormhead's van - I want to steal the car of the person who decided that that little film with the Dum Der Digger Digger would play everytime I watched one of my own films.

OK, dirge over and no more timewasting - we've got an alphabet to finish here folks!

L is for Luuuuurve. Because today Pooch and I love each other…