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Showing posts from September 23, 2007

Isn't she pretty? (and a podcast)

Chuck's cabled socks by Eunny Jang.
Very well written pattern. Have warbled about it a bit among many other things on the podcast. Listen if you dare. It does include a competition this time too! More details here.

We take a break from our usual feature to hear from this week's sponsor....

In fact they're not sponsoring me (sadly - sponsors? hello?) but they should be sponsoring knitpicks podcast as that is where I first heard about them. Take a look at this...

I joined yesterday for £14.99 a month. I first checked on itunes to see how much buying the audio books from there would cost and audible came out cheaper everytime. Then I looked at their library and general website and liked what I saw. Then I saw that by joining the two-a-month package I get 2 free and thought "wa-hey" and got in there.

So now for £14.99 I've got £56.89 worth of listening, including the great SPM who I adore (AKA the Yarn Harlot) - and it is even read by her. And I didn't even choose the longest or most expensive ones. The unabridged one is about 19 hours long! I am a bit of an audiobook junkie so this is fab for me.

PS: Don't judge me, just because The Blair Years is in there. I…

Another weekend, another cold

Once again I am cursed again by the cold that only strikes at the weekend. My freeeeee time! But you've heard me go off on one about this once or twice before so suffice to say that I am pissed off.

Spent the weekend up north with Pooch's family. You know you're going to have a good weekend when there's something like this going on in the seat in front of you on the train.

Had a lovely time, head cold aside. I saw the blackpool illuminations for the first time. Photos from a car don't do it justice in any way at all but they give an idea.

Also met up with one of Pooch's old school mates in halifax which contained the promisingly named "Woolshops" shopping centre. Although as it turned out there was just the one market stall with mostly acrylic.

I had a lovely parcel arrive just before I left from knittingmama as part of the ravelry summer camp swap. There were some really cool things in there - not the least of which were the tortilla chips and dip which …