Sunday, 10 February 2008

Mousetrap for the love mouse

Pooch's dislike of me is well documented. However I hadn't realised that he had taken to actively leaving traps around the house in order to hasten my downfall. This manifested itself particularly well when I got home on friday night, alone, and started fixing my own dinner as he had told me to earlier that day. I looked in the fridge and there were chicken kievs. So I cooked a chicken kiev and ate it. Sounds straight forward? Oh no. Because little did I know that Pooch was leaving out of date and potentially rotting food in the fridge in order to trap me with. To hasten understanding I should mention that Pooch is the cook and keeper of the kitchen in our house.

His true genius didn't manifest itself until saturday lunchtime. He'd gone out in the morning on the pretence of doing some computer stuff, which I now realise was to ensure he had an alibi and was safely out of the house when things kicked off. This left me at home alone to commence the being sick and associated goings on that come with eating chicken kievs 4 days out of date. When he came back he had, for the first time in aeons, bought me some nice chocolates. See exhibit A.


Now bear in mind that he knows I can not resist such things so when he offered me one 'to make me feel better' I ate it and 5 mins later was very very sick again. You see what he did there? Cunning. You wouldn't think it to look at him but he is. Here he is off guard sniggering at my suffering. He thinks I don't know.


Anyway, putting aside my own personal misfortune I have managed to make 1.5 premature baby cardis for SkipNorth. I particularly like this one:


Look at those lovely buttons!

This is the second about half done. I am thinking little sunflower or daisy buttons for this one. It's so sad how small they are.


I went to see the Terracotta Warrior exhibition at the British Museum last week and it was pretty amazing. There were only about a dozen of the actuals there but the layout was very impressive and detailed. A shame it was so crowded but that's just one of those things I guess. It put me nicely in the mood for all the chinese new year type things that are going on. The V&A have a website tie in so you can see what animal you are (from your birth year) and then customise an icon of it. This is me:


You can do your own here.


Anonymous said...

oh no, i'm sorry you've been sick. i hope you're better now. keep an eye on that pooch, i'd suggest!

the cd's arrived yesterday - i'm especially looking forward to the yarn harlot, but will find them all very welcome next week. thanks!

Craftydramaqueen said...

Poor you. I hope you are feeling better now. The preemie cardis are lovely. When I first read the post, I thought it siad you'd knit 15 not 1.5. That would've been amazing considering you were ill!!

Anonymous said...

At least the crimes are being well documented for the investigation! ;-) But I'm so sorry you've been ill!

Can you share the preemie pattern info? Link?

sheepish1 said...

HI, I just did my own zodiac cute, thanks for your cute little cardi too.
sorry to hear you were sick, are there expiration dates on the food? or did he secretly remove them too? Perhaps you should be knitting a pirate emsemble for a certain someone or at least the eye patch.

Susan said...

Change the locks.

He can't be trusted.

Now that you are magic-looping I would plant those unused dbl points in strategic spots around the house...say Pooch's favorite chair, perhaps???)

Hope you are feeling better! ;)

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