Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Starghan

Introducing the Starghan, made using this pattern which I can thoroughly recommend for even a beginner crocheter. Here it is on ravelry. This is how it has turned out:
And here on our 2-seater sofa, trying to give you a sense of scale.

As you'll see from this post it certainly started out tiny but has grown and grown. I was going to put all the pics on here of it getting bigger but half the photos are on Pooch's laptop so instead I've got a flickr set for you too look at.

I tried to take a picture at the end of each day I worked on it but it didn't quite work out like that towards the end. Partly because I forgot and partly because in the final stages the rows were using 40g of yarn each and so sometimes I didn't do a whole one in the time I spent on it. I did really enjoy it though. The first bit of fun was choosing colours I thought Lou would like. The key one is from Jamieson and is their DK in teal. Then I got some noro in the sales and then there were bits and bobs from stash. One of the rows is what I used for Fu and Michelle's baby blanket, some of the blue is from Lucy's wedding afghan, other bits and pieces remind me of other projects - all happy things so I could crochet all that happiness into it. Ugh. Ignore that last bit. Bit too schmaltzy. The full list of yarns is on ravelry.

The FO made its way to Canterbury yesterday and is now very happily in use according to the recipient. I think that's the best thing about making stuff for people - hearing that it's been useful afterwards!


Anonymous said...

That's really nice. From the first picture it looked like all shades of blue, but then in the second I could see subtle greens and purples too. It is good to know something you have made is used, indeed, so I'm glad your recipients let you know.

Steph said...

Oooh, that looks great on your sofa!

J.P. said...

It's beautiful! You did such a great job!

Sarah said...

Great shape, I've not seen that pattern before - such lovely colours

Jo said...

I love the shades of blue you used - wonderful job!

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