Thursday, 8 May 2008

Naughty words

Don't watch the video if you're easily offended. Some very naughty words.

That is a video of Matt Berry looking quite amazingly sexy. He and Rich Fulcher did a very good job ona weird night in Soho on Monday. I thought it was just going to be them two but in fact they were just comperes. Here is the best of my photos:


Rubbish, huh!

So, um, not a lot else to say really. Work has been manic so not much else to say. Pooch is gearing up for the euro football next month. What shall I do to occupy all my free time while he is away? Was wondering about a knitalong or a challenge. Anyone got any ideas?


Scoobylu said...

Knit along sounds good - any ideas on a project?

(I'm on ravelry)

natalie said...

The Tour de France KAL on ravelry runs from July 5th to July 23rd (I think) and you get to watch all those thighs on the telly!
Or you could spin and do the Tour De Fleece?

Either of these allow you to choose your own jersey in an appropriate colour... yellow for speed, red spots for challenging knitting etc. Or you could remain in the peleton.


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