Sunday, 10 August 2008

Afternoon to fill, with...

So I've spent the morning watching the first four episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset strip, but I've now got the whole afternoon ahead of me to do something in. But what...

I think part of the problem is I had quite an energetic and productive day yesterday. Lots of house stuff in the morning, a visit to Nic, Andy and Pete in the afternoon and then socialising in the evening. I hadn't seen Nic and co for ages so a visit was long overdue, but we were also planning the next SkipNorth. Those of you in the ravelry group for this reknowned knitting holiday will have seen some discussions already. Hopefully we should have a date in another week or two. It's also a certain gents birthday next week. I can't believe he is 1 already. He is really just the most amazing little boy. So happy and lively. So aware of what is going on and interested in everything. It's a real treat to spend time with him. But all that moving about has made me feel I should be similarly active now.

I'm back in the swing of the durrow jumper for my step-dad. I gave up on the cabling of the original pattern which meant paying attention to every single row and went with a more traditional one instead. It's only on the sleeve - all the rest is 4x2 rib.
So one of my options is to carry on with the other sleeve and get it finished. His birthday isn't until November but considering I first offered to make him a jumper about 5 years ago it's probably just as well to get on with it.

Another option is to get on with ripping the necessary bits of the bad cardi blues cardi. I need to do it in daylight really.

Another otion is to take some photos for my spoonflower fabric. Have you signed up to Spoonflower? It's a waiting list, like Ravelry used to be, but it only took a week or so to get my invite. They print whatever you want on swatches, fat quarters or yards of fabric. The blog has videos of designs they've printed. Some are simply amazing. I was thinking of taking a photos of my pastel metallic knitting needles or maybe some yarn. Not original, but then it's my obsession. But then I am not sure what I'll do with the fabric, and I feel I ought to have a project in mind before I decide on a design.

Another option is to start another button t-shirt. This one is for a friend who is going to do an Masters in Wales next month. I was going to sew the buttons on in the shape of a tree. Not terribly original, but I think she'll like it.

Another option is to start on my next set of stitchmarkers to swap. I've been running swaps for them in all different colours on swap-bot. Now it's orange. I've done red, yellow, blue and green and so there is only that and purple left. Here are the green ones, which went out last week.
It's been hard parting with some of them but then I've had some lovely ones in return so that makes it easier.

Or I could dye my hair.

Eek, just not sure. May have to toss a coin or something.

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annarella said...

So, what did you end up doing? Do tell! xx

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