Monday, 4 August 2008

Of course I'd intended the three-quarter-length sleeves all along...

The adult baby jacket is finished. I'm really happy with it.
I was going to pick up at the ends of the sleeves and knit down but I decided I liked the 3/4 effect. The only thing I can't decide on is buttons. Despite having more buttons than sense I don't seem to have the right ones in my collection. Will have to ponder somemore. Am going to declare it finished anyway. Blurry freak shot...
I love making this for babies at it knits up quick and is visually fun without being difficult.
Had a fun sunday being a photographers aide (or an 'umbrella bitch' as my sister lovingly put it) while she who must be obeyed practised her photography. I haven't seen the pics except on the camera's mini viewer but all the changing of lenses and explanation about filters was very impressive. Here we are taking a well earned rest.
We are always discussing whether we look similar or not and I think we definitely do in this one. Last time I posted a pic of Sian someone left a comment asking how I'd lost so much weight so just for clarification I am the one on the right. I have actually lost 1 stone 6 pounds now but she is into all sorts of energetic stuff (comes from having a crazily buff army boy I think - he's a cross between a viking and a brick poo house) so has the edge on fitting into designer jeans.

The aforementioned viking-house will shortly be leaving for a stay in one of the world's less salubrious army destinations where I am told it reaches 52 degrees during the day. Sian therefore tells me I shouldn't send him anything knitted. Can this be true? One small facecloth surely wouldn't hurt? Perhaps I will have to hold out til we declare war on Iceland. Then I'll be in my element.

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Probably Jane said...

Wow! You are particularly prolific at the moment. My WIP pile just gets bigger....

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