Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Podcast and more

Let us forget about the buttocks and move on...

I had a day off today and spent it in style getting the rather delayed episode 16 of my podcast out. Sadly it's not downloading so you can't actually listen to it. Tsk. Have submitted a plea to the podbean site owners to fix it so will let you know when it is fixed.

I've also been dyeing my hair, catching up on my trash tv and pondering whether a top down raglan fairisle would work. What do you think? I can't help thinking it is chavvy but I can't think what has put that into my mind. I need to do some googling and see what's out there. Now this is nice. And as for this - if Eunny Jang thinks it's ok to do fair isle raglan then it must be ok. OK, I'm convinced. Now I just need to decide on a neckline. Kauni here I come.

My sister Sianybo got me a skein of noro sockyarn for my birthday in July. I finally got on with some socks in it after seeing some nice stripey ones on Ravelry. But...not loving it. The texture is pretty rough and the yarn changes from lace weight to DK with annoying frequency.
I'm glad I've used it though. It's an experience.

After I blogged on sunday I got a bit crafty and finished off my diary cover. This sucker has been hanging around since 2006. It was going to be a tanktop but I ran out of yarn. So some hardcore felting and trimming later...
I *love* it! It's so tactile and gorgeous. Very, very happy.

I also made a needlebook for a swap on swap-bot. The recipient listed daffodils as one of her favourite flowers.

To get my day of rest off to a good start I had a massage last night. This meant I was in Covent Garden so I popped into ArtBox, my latest favourite shop.
I really love the Happy Panda line. Don't ask me why. It just makes me laugh when I see it.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

go the fairisle, it can look stunning!
I think the podcast has downloaded now so I'm off to knit some rat skeleton legs

Steph said...

Excellent diary cover!

Heather said...

Pandas are cool :)

I love the journal cover, and the needlebook. enjoy the Fair Isle!

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