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Showing posts from January 13, 2008

You don't see a baby for ages then two come along at once

Hot on the heels of the blue cardi behold Maya sporting the latest in knitted everton shirts! She is about 6 weeks old and the hunk on the left is Daddy Fu.

It was secret santa at golders green this week and I did particularly well this year! Check out the gorgeous buttons and the crochet-lite which is the coolest thing ever - HOORAH!

Knitwise things have been going well. I started a pair of the aquaphobia socks in a lovely colourway called autumn marigold I got on etsy. I *really* like the effect of the slipped stitches.

It made me think - I am sure their are dictionaries of slipped stitch patterns so maybe I'll look into that. Also this is yet another pair on magic loop - I am such a convert.

My other news is that my first blog book has arrived. 250 pages odd of goodness. I am really impressed with the quality. The software they give you to use is very easy to manipulate and it practically creates the book for you. The one downside of the site (which is is that you can…

Could this be the last time I blog from work?

So here I am just 2.5 days left to go before leaving the IOP for the last time as a member of staff. And so naturally I have been spending my last week catching up with stuff online, ravelry especially. And so I've been catching up on the Lolcat group and LMAO at the latest images. Here are just a few but more can be found here (but only if you're on ravelry and if you're not - what are you waiting for? Get on that waiting list!)

and my current favourite....


Have had lots of good feedback about the podcast - it's my new theme music I am particularly proud of. Afterall how many people can claim to have successfully mixed Babylon 5, hip hop and paul temple? Also lots more interest in SkipNorth which is good - anymore for anymore? I've also seen the latest listener stats. Look at this: Iran, Japan, New Zealand plus the UK and USA posse's. Hello everyone!

The sunburst jumper is finally dry and on the byrne bod. It fits really nicely! I am very happy with this a…

A Podcast, a SkipNorth knitting holiday and some knitting

The first two kind of go together because on the latest podcast, featuring the best intro music I've ever heard, Nickerjac and I sit around nattering with her Andy asking us questions about it. It was really good to reminisce about SkipNorths of the past and the kind of shopping frenzies we've seen and also all the stuff we've learnt form other people. We also chatted about which workshops to run (off mic!) and I'll be posting in the SkipHolidays Yahoo group about them soon. Anyone who wants to be kept informed can join the group.

The holiday is excellent fun and I think excellent value too. For £165 you get two nights in the hostel, all meals (and good, locally sourced, huge meals they are too), luxury coach to take you round, specially organised visits to places like the KCG Collection and all materials for the workshops. There's also a cheaper option for people who would prefer to stay in a local B&B. The podcast gives loads more info. You can also find out …