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Showing posts from May 4, 2008

Naughty words

Don't watch the video if you're easily offended. Some very naughty words.

That is a video of Matt Berry looking quite amazingly sexy. He and Rich Fulcher did a very good job ona weird night in Soho on Monday. I thought it was just going to be them two but in fact they were just comperes. Here is the best of my photos:

Rubbish, huh!

So, um, not a lot else to say really. Work has been manic so not much else to say. Pooch is gearing up for the euro football next month. What shall I do to occupy all my free time while he is away? Was wondering about a knitalong or a challenge. Anyone got any ideas?

Skirts and Chickens

I made a skirt!
It's a pretty simple wrap one which took about 2 hours from measuring to finished. It's from this book, which I bought a few months ago and have been meaning to do something with ever since. I found the fabric in a shop in kingston when I was there giving a talk last week. Here it is closer to:
Elephants and zebras doing sums....what could be better?

Pooch and I have had a rather lovely bank holiday weekend doing not much in particular. Tonight brings a comedy night with Rich Fulcher, aka Bob Fossil, and Matt Berry, aka Dixon Bainbridge or Douglas in the IT Crowd. He's dreamy. I just read his wiki page for the first time. I had no idea he'd done all that. Hmmmm, clever added bonus.

Back to Pooch...he has bought me a new chicken to add to my blossoming collection of....2. Here is the new one.
Here's the gang.
Now I've got the following scenario in my head. Let's say Matt Berry is surfing before the gig tonight and comes across this refe…