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Showing posts from June 29, 2008

It's my birthday!

Religious Interlude

I am not a religious person. I don't believe in God. I don't think there's something watching over us. I believe that this is it and when you die it stops. However I do recognise that many people do believe other things and while I don't share their beliefs I am interested in them and respect their right to believe.

Once in a while though, something happens that makes me want to spit. This happened this morning on radio 4. There is a big hoo ha from male churchmen in the CofE that women shouldn't be made Bishops. They want some amendment passed that they will be overseen by men and not by women.

I can distinctly remember when the decision was passed for women to become vicars. My step dad's brother's wife was a deacon and was very keen to be ...whatever it is they do to you to become a vicar. I actually had no idea that all that was being allowed at the time was that one step. I assumed that the decision was that the glass ceiling was being removed and women …

All those little buggers

I have a mixture of PMT and justifiable homicide type irritation. First there's royal mail. Don't get me started on royal mail. Then there's the builders. Actually no, not the builders. They're nice. Practically naked in my kitchen, but nice. It's the company they work for. Then there's the air conditioning at work. Then , last not not least, there are the gang of little thugs who inhabit the estate opposite. I say little because they're all about 4 feet tall. They have in the past run up behind me and pinched my bum, wolf whistled me (seriously - I am not twice, not thrice, for four times their age) and now they have been throwing water bombs. After the second, which actually splashed me, I turned and walked after them. They ran away but at what age are they not going to run away?

Anyway, asbo's aside. I made an ipod cosy. Rock on.

Wedding and baby

Look at Laura's face!
I love this photo...kind of sums up both of them and how fun they are. She looked amazing and Gav scrubs up pretty well too. We spent the weekend in Burnford, or somewhere like that - you know me and geography. It was lovely to be there for the wedding but also good to see people again. I haven't seen some for 6 months, very well illustrated by the growth of the baby who rivals Pete for title of 'cutest'. Her name is Maya.

Pooch had offered to get her Mum some breakfast when she said "Actually, if you could just hold her for a minute." There followed a minute or two's pure comedy with the mum saying "ahh, well, maybe someone else..." before Pooch finally managed to get hold of the baby, the right way up and everything. Here he is looking really comfortable and natural (that's sarcasm that is). Maya was not very impressed with the whole manouvre but behaved with an elegant aloofness that will hold her in good stead should …