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One small step for Byrne, one giant mess for Royal Mail

Hey look, my post from the last two weeks...
To my absolute astonishment it actually was at the delivery office when we went to collect it this morning. Then when I got back the postman handed me three more red cards for things they "couldn't deliver". Unbelievable. Actually, bearing in mind that this is royal mail, believable.

On the plus side I basically got a second birthday since I finally got cards and presents! I got some awesome stuff. The big thing was an amazing edwardian glass necklace from my Mum, which can be seen here on top of the cupcake book from my sister.
Sister Sian also got me some lovely Noro sock yarn to try out. I know I always hate noro because of the knots but I thought I'd give it another go.
As well as the birthday presents I got parcels from a few swaps I've been doing. Blue stitchmarkers. These are amazing.
Red stitchmarkers.
Also some books from Bookmooch (see left sidebar). Two japanese knit books and crochet hats.
I can't believe more…

At moments like this it is important not to run round screaming with your pants on your head

My ongoing saga with royal mail goes on. I haven't had any post since a week saturday. One of the things I am waiting for is a letter from the PO Box division giving me my PO Box details. I had assumed I hadn't had any post because Royal Mail hated me or something. But I've finally spoken to the delivery office (they do this thing of keeping you in a phone queue for ages and then picking up and slamming down the phone as soon as they answer) and the truth is almost apparent.

It turns out that since I applied for my PO Box they have been keeping all my post at the office for me to collect. This is without telling me. One of the things they have been keeping for me to collect is the letter containing the details of my PO Box. Yesterday, after numerous squeaks and complaints from me to customer services, they realised this and the parcels are on the van today to be delivered. Except the building intercomm is not working and so he won;t be able to get in. The intercom hasn'…