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Showing posts from August 3, 2008

Of course I'd intended the three-quarter-length sleeves all along...

The adult baby jacket is finished. I'm really happy with it. I was going to pick up at the ends of the sleeves and knit down but I decided I liked the 3/4 effect. The only thing I can't decide on is buttons. Despite having more buttons than sense I don't seem to have the right ones in my collection. Will have to ponder somemore. Am going to declare it finished anyway. Blurry freak shot... I love making this for babies at it knits up quick and is visually fun without being difficult.
Had a fun sunday being a photographers aide (or an 'umbrella bitch' as my sister lovingly put it) while she who must be obeyed practised her photography. I haven't seen the pics except on the camera's mini viewer but all the changing of lenses and explanation about filters was very impressive. Here we are taking a well earned rest.
We are always discussing whether we look similar or not and I think we definitely do in this one. Last time I posted a pic of Sian someone left a comme…

Bad Cardi Blues

My cardi don't fit me

Armholes are too tight

I worked on this baby

Sometimes real late at night

To make it better

I'd need to rip out the seams

All that fricking mattress stitch

Can't face it again

I've got the bad cardi blues

Cause the arrrrrrrrms are too tight


Feel my pain. I need to add at least an inch to the left front, right front, back and both arms. At the very least I need to undo the 3 needle bind off on the shoulders and the seams putting the armholes in place.
The armholes are definitely all wrong. The lace pattern is pretty though.

I also finished off another project. Ironically this one is too big. When I started it I was 1.5 stone heavier and I thbink it would have been a perfect fit then. Anyway, I sewed in all the ends and sorted out the collar and fastening.
Fastenign is very simple. Just two hooks.

I am feeling a strong need to finish off some things after ruminating on the 22 unfinished projects on Ravelry. It really is too many!