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Showing posts from December 28, 2008

A mildly peeved start to the new year.

I should have known. The year does, after all, end in an odd number. The website where I have got my blog converted into a book for the last three years is now no longer interfacing with blogger. I either have to use an inferior one where you can't edit, or manually copy and paste all the text and photos from the whole year into one of their template. Pleh. Think I'll just sulk about it for a few weeks before doing anything about it.

Also, the party of the century last night didn't exactly go as planned. For a start we were only expecting 6 people. We got tonnes of food, including the trifle of the year, which Pooch's Emu liked:
Have I already explained why Pooch has an emu? It's a stupid story anyway.

So three people pulled out with flu. One had buggered off with their floozy without telling us but fortunately one hardcore guest did the decent thing and turned up. I force fed him trifle until the other two arrived. They had always been intending to only stay a short …

2008 Review

One of the good things about Ravelry is it makes this kind of thing so much easier. According to the numbers on there I have made 62 projects. 6 have been frogged, 8 are in progress and 8 are hibernating, although to be honest half of those could be frogged.

Out of the 62, 32 were made for other people. I'm quite surprised at that as I always feel like I am always knitting for myself and should do more for others. My favourite projects from the year are....
Gary and Wendy's baby blanket - just finished last weekPete's stockingThe tardis socksMeaningful mittensFelted diary coverHenley cardigan - despite having to take it apart and practically redo itPooch's jumperYellow crosswalker socks - which I'm wearing right nowMermaid scarfLouise's starghanLucy's wedding blanket - which I never managed to take a finished picture ofMy favouite yarns for the year have been the henley cardigan one, which was phildar lambswool, and the mittens one, malabrigo socks yarn. I ha…

A Sale Frenzy

I have to admit it - I am to blame for the deflation thingy the government has been going on about. I saw things I wanted in the shops and then deliberately waited until the sales to buy them. For instance, this coat...
Caught my eye a few weeks ago. Today it was 50% off. Score!
I also got a pair of jeans and this top/dress.
Normally I hate buying jeans as they never fit right, but the woman in the shop was SO nice. Really helpful. Not patronising. Not too in my face. Awesome. There is a website here and the shop in London is just off Carnaby Street. I will definitely be going back.

Now for the good stuff.... I've always liked Rowan Tapestry but hated the £4.50 ish price tag. I found myself liking the 50% price tag. Woo hoo! I ended up with three packs from John Lewis. I know three is quite a lot, but I plan to cast on a jumper in one lot tomorrow so I will definitely be using it all up soon. I got the rainbow, antique and highland colourways.
The last one, the highland, is rather love…

Something witchy for the weekend

I have been experimenting with motifs for my afghan. This one is the front runner but I'm wondering if it is a little witchy. I don't want to sleep under it and wake up with a frog.

These are the other possibles.

I did these this afternoon, but the big crafty news from the holiday period has to be this:

Completed in just 5 days from swatch to edging. It used 7.5 balls of Sirdar Escape and is pretty lovely, though I say so myself.

It has left me in the rather odd position of having nothing major on the needles. In fact, according to ravelry I only have 7 WIP and a mere 9 UFOs. This is a record for me and essentially amounts to having nothing to knit. Tomorrow I'll probably the Moonstone cardi, but then again you never know.

Xmas at the in-laws was lovely - especially the food. No one can feed you like a northern mother. I must be at least half a stone heavier than I was a week ago. Here I am opening presents:

...and here is Pooch outside with one of his - a coconut.

I got some awe…