Friday, 17 April 2009


Pooch asked me how mofoblowjob was going. Yeah...not so good. I think I might just quietly retire. I did ok for the first 10 days or so but to be honest - my life just isn't that interesting and I don't knit that fast. Every 3/4 days is about right for me.

Having said that...lots going on chez byrne.

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet - asked to describe myself I would choose words like demure, modest, etc. But this week - I have been looking good. I mean goooooooood. I only have a pic from Wed which Pooch took, so is naturally out of focus. But still, I look good.
The day after I wore a turquoise vintage number with heels. Today I was in a brown polka dot wrap with boots. What's the occasion? Nothing special. Just a passing comment about burkas made me consider whether I was getting a little boring with my clothing. I think this general feeling or joie de vivre is also why I visited Schu on the way home and snagged these.
In case I've never mentioned it before - I do just absolutely fricking ADORE polka dots.

I got home tonight to find a surprise waiting for me. Look at this:
I thought it was just a foliage type plant. Now there are two flowers coming! Apparently they are going to look like this.

Now lastly....can you guess what it is yet?
Actually, I'm a bit worried about it. I just want everyone to know - I don't mean the meat. It didn't occur to me before. I hope it will be clear.


Nickerjac said...

We'll make sure that people know that you meant crochet :)
We love the T-Shirts and you are looking mighty fine in that pic

RooKnits said...

ooooh I love the dress.... where is it from?

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