Thursday, 28 May 2009

Yoiks, splendid, ghastly and other useful words

Just because you don't hear some words very often doesn't mean they are not good words. 'Splendid' is literally a splendid word. Juicy. Full of meaning. 'Ghastly' also. I won't stop using them however much people have taken to sniggering when I do.

So...yoiks! It's been two weeks since I last posted which is pretty ghastly. However, I have some splendid photos to share so stand by.

I'm going to break with tradition and actually talk abou knitting first before launching into the rest of my trivia. I am thoroughly sick of baby knitting and having seen a rather dishy cardigan in monsoon with a price tag of £50 thought "I can do that from stash" and got to it. The yarn seems to have been used as a dog bed at some point in it's past so as soon as it's finished it will be getting a nice bath but it is coming along nicely.
It just goes to show the benefits of aran weight yarn - it's taken me less than a week to get to this point.

Of course some would say there had been more serious events going on that my knitting (they would be wrong - but they say it anyway). Last night saw poor ManUtd lose the something league. It was a tense last 10 mins at our house.
The scarf-round-the-head of exhibit B is a trick that had never previously failed when it came to generating luck - but last night not even that could create 2 last minute goals. Pooch, it need hardly be said, was not a happy bunny.
Fortunately I have a photo from happier times to share too - when we went to the local park for a picnic over the bank holiday weekend.
It was really lovely. Less than 10 mins walk away and the first time I'd been there despite living here for more than three years now.
A mixture of gardens, grass, amazing trees and a beautiful lake.
Featuring baby coots - or cootlings as I like to think of them. Some of the trees really were amazing too. Check this out:
You can picture it walking around Lord of the Rings style.

So there we go - that summarises my last two weeks. Except to briefly mention that the BSC element of the membership at work is in full swing once again so work is once again like being at the wrong end of a firing range. Ah well. I am a hostess in Secret Pal 14 so that is about to swing into action and keep things busy. I'll post here when it opens but there is also a group on Ravelry.


Jane said...

Love that cardi! Whose pattern did you use?

Becky said...

I agree totally lovely cardy - I am assuming you are so totally splendid that you have made up the pattern yourself !

Becky xx

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