Monday, 15 June 2009

I love my socks!

I finished my Kai Mei socks!
I completely and utterly and totally love them.
It's the way the lace curves across them. So cool. The yarn is Malabrigo sock.

Was so excited to have finished them I've cast on another pair from the Cookie A book called "Rick" which have a fancy spiral going round them. Am using some amazing yarn I got from Nickerjac on Folksy. Crimson, orange and red. Awesome.

I've also used the first of the embroidery transfers Jane gave me the other weekend. It's only a little one on a baby t-shirt but I rather like it!
Will be heading to Pooch's sister at the end of the month.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

fabby socks!!

Rachel said...

Dang, those are pretty. I'm tempted to buy that book by Cookie A even though I don't do socks. I'm a bit of a technique junkie. :)

Jenn said...

Those socks are rockin! Ive seen photos of the socks in the book and it does look like a good book to have. Great socks to show off too!! :)

Awfulknitter said...

Are those the socks you were knitting during Meg at Ravelry day? I thought the colour looked really good then; the twisting lace is amazing!

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