Sunday, 5 July 2009

Holiday round up - part 2

I'd covered woolfest in my last post but hadn't got on to the Lakes themselves. It really is an amazing part of the world. The light changes in minutes from bright sunshine to threatening gloom. We only had two downpours - one while driving which reduced visibility to about 5 metres - and one while having dinner. So, just before...
Just after....
Aren't the low puffy clouds amazing? I recently invested in this book so spent a long time trying to work out which was which.

One can not go to Keswick without visiting the Cumberland Pencil Musuem. I was quite fascinated by how they are made - not how I had imagined - plus I have now seen the worlds largest pencil, as authenticated by the Guiness Book of Records.
There you go - now you've seen it too. It's yellow.

We (I - Pooch don't drive) drove from there to Colne to see the in-laws and took a scenic route. We passed someone called Farfield Mill which was described as an arts and crafts centre so naturally we had to go in. I'd recommend a visit if you have a chance. It's full of artists in residence plus exhibitions and old weaving equipment, some of it in use. This one...
...had the most exquisite wip on it.
I do love a good zigzag. Also this deserves special mention.
I think it is wet felted. Each panel was as tall as me. Very beautiful.

With the in-laws the action continued fast and furious. We went to Ilkley and to Betty's which is surely the ultimate tea room. Very traditional, with cakes on stands and the most delicious macaroons! Pooch in particular was very taken with them.
While food is always the highlight for Pooch, for me it was a trip to Duttons for Buttons, which I didn't even know was there. Behold, the button room.
(droooooooool) My MIL stood there in amazement as I went into fits of ooh and aah like a giddy kipper. 20 mins later I had about a dozen chosen. Man, I just love buttons.

We got back on wed night and since then have celebrated my birthday! (yesterday). Pooch got me a lovely dress that I am now really too old to wear (bit short) but what the hell. I wore it to dinner at Gauchos last night and felt like a million dollars.
I got some lovely presents and there are more coming today when I meet up with my sis for a picnic (weather allowing). Hoorah!

In amongst all this activity I have also found time to match up my secret pal group. I'm planning to send out the matches tomorrow so if you're in my group (and you'll know because I'll have sent you an email or two already) look out for them tomorrow.


Laura said...

Oh my God! Those buttons!!!! I want to go there. *love*

ambermoggie said...

happy belated birthday. The dress is fabulous:)

Becky said...

Your dress is totally gorgeous - I am so jealous on so many levels !!!

The lakes just look fabulous - what I would give for a bit of green just now - it's so hot here - all the time !

Happy Birthday, hope you had a lovely day - show us your presents when you get a minute.

Nicola said...

The sheep piece is definitely wet felted the artist showed at Ally Pally a couple of years ago but I can't remember her name off hand.
The dress is fab and you are DEFINITELY NOT to old to wear it :)

mooncalf said...

I don't know what birthday you were celebrating but you're definitely not too old to wear that dress. It looks great on you :)

Many happy returns!

KnittyLynn said...

I LOVE how you dresses match with your personality. :) You are not too old to wear that, they joy of wearing it shows on your face.

Happy Bday!

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