Monday, 13 July 2009

Pooch might have swine flu (but probably not - I think he's just tired)

I went to a knitting course at IKnit on saturday called 'Weird Techniques' to learn all sorts of crazy things like knitting backwards, cabling without a cable needle, sewn cast off, purling with the yarn in the back, continental knitting and an added extra of kitchener. I think I might actually have got it this time. I didn't add to the stash except to get a tiny thing for my Secret Pal, but I was tempted by the malabrigo ....
and the nearly solid cherry tree hill.
I haven't had much of a chance to try my new techniques but the cabling without a needles is worth the class fee by itself. I can feel my Chuck Cabled socks calling me.

My knitting recently has been on the Buttercup Top which I got to about 6cm below the armholes for and then tried on to find it was much too big. There can't be many more times in my life when I'm going to find myself knitting the extra-small size.
It's a lovely colour and I like the pattern too.

I have been thinking a lot about colour recently as I have been gathering fabric for a quilt. It's not often I embark on a big sewing project (and even more rarely do I finish one) but it was love at first sight for me when I saw this quilt on Thimble's blog. So here is what I had at the weekend.
I identified a few gaps in the colour and light/dark tone scale and so a trip to Liberty after work today brought these home with me.
Fabric arranging, knitting and learning weren't the only things I did this weekend. Oh no. Now this really has to be tasted to be believed.
This is the recipe - which comes really near the top when you google for chocolate cake recipes. It is amazingly calorific (500+ per slice apparently) but OMG. Tastes so good. And you've got to love ganache overhang.
It was going to be my birthday cake for work last week but I didn't have time to make it so I took it in with me today. The first slice was gone by 9.10am and most of the rest by midday. Mmmmm.

So I think that's it, other than a quick Pooch update to explain the title of the post. He spent a very leisurely weekend listening to the cricket on the radio and taking up all of MY sofa. I had to knit in the armchair.
"Bring me another tea, Byrne?"

Sadly such things don't last. He's feeling tired and so has convinced himself he has swine flu. I've taken his temperature and it is 36.6 instead of 37 so goddammit it's serious. Really I shouldn't joke because we're all bound to get it soon, especially in London with the tube to spread the germs around. Hopefully when we do get it it won't be too serious. But for today, I think we're safe.


Judith said...

There's a guy at my office who, every time he's feeling unwell, states that he has ebola.

Lots of nice yarn and fabrics! Enjoy!

Liz said...

That Weird Techniques course is so good; I haven't picked up a cable needle since and it's so much quicker...

Hope it's not swine flu, although as you say we're all going to get it in the end!

Anna said...

That course sounds good. I've not yet tried my hand at cable knitting, mainly because I was too scared of that extra cable needle. I think I might give the iKnit courses a go!

Judith, my boyfriend always says that he has ebola when he's feeling unwell, maybe he works with you? :-)

Nic said...

I think it might be a good idea to create a point where all men could go (or bed dragged off to)when they are dying of man and swine flu, in every village and town. It could just be a big shed somewhere where they could whinge and moan to their hearts content, My husband is a nightmare. He even manages to smell like death when he only has a cold.

Lovely fabric, especially the new bits and that quilt is amazing!

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